Harri Lunkka, outline of the artwork
Harri Lunka's outline of the future work in the corner of the old Instrumentarium.

Napinkulma turns into a work of demolition art in May

18.4.2023 13:55
The cityscape promises, among other things, murals, large paintings and a fairy-tale atmosphere.


In February, the city of Imatra was looking for artists for the Napikulma demolition art project.

- The goal is to enliven the appearance of the old property for its last months. The idea is to increase general comfort and wow-experiences, vitality leader Susanna Issakainen says.

Several artists signed up for the project.

- The design has been continued with six artists. In addition, the youth council has been offered the opportunity to make art for young people, the city's event producer responsible for coordinating the project Mari Haaparanta says.

They make their own contribution to the Napinkulma demolition art project Harri Lunkka, Inna Pulkkinen (under stage name pop house), Pauli Parkkinen, Tiina Kärkäs-Sund and Virkkukokunen, Henry Frondelius, Kirsi Holsti ja Tatyana Zaitsenkova.

- The artists have gotten to know the site during the spring. There will be murals, installation, light works, large paintings and a fairytale atmosphere. Local motifs can also be seen on the wall surfaces, Haaparanta describes.

The work will start after May Day

The art project can be seen in the street scene after May Day. For example, Poppamaija starts painting a mural in week 19. The goal is to have most of the art ready by the second week of June.

The preliminary cost estimate for the demolition art project, including materials and work, is approximately 17 euros.

The art will delight the street scene until the spring of next year, when, according to the current estimate, the demolition of the property will begin. The goal is that in the summer of 2024, a temporary park will be built on the site of the property. 

For more information:

Event producer Mari Haaparanta. tel. 020 617 1096, mari.haaparantaatimatra.fi (mari[dot]haaparanta[at]imatra[dot]fi)

Vitality Director Susanna Issakainen, tel. 020 617 2201, susanna.issakainenatimatra.fi (susanna[dot]issakainen[at]imatra[dot]fi)


The executors of the art of dismantling Napinkulma

  • Harri Lunkka: Series of five paintings to five windows and concrete gutter murals.  There will be references to Imatra in the pictures to attractions and events.
  • Inna Pulkkinen, Poppamaija: a mural that goes around the property.
  • Pauli Parkkinen: Large acrylic and oil paintings.
  • Kirsi Holsti: With charcoal, marker and/or  large works made with acrylic colors.
  • Tiina Keen-Sund / Crochet hook: Installation in the corner of old Seppälä, the subject is Virkkukokunen's 30-year sky.
  • Henry Frondelius: light installation in the upstairs windows and sliding doors from the end of summer when the evenings get dark.
  • Tatjana Zaitsenkova: a fairy-tale work about imaginary characters.