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At Imatra, we organize early childhood education in kindergartens, group family daycare, family daycare, open play and club activities, and day care. Preschool education before the start of school is also functionally early childhood education for us.

Preschool education and some of the kindergarten groups operate in our three new school centers. Our school centers are new, because we want to guarantee healthy and modern working and learning environments for both children and our staff. The idea is that the student's progress along the study path is as flexible as possible.

We are the country's leading municipalities in the digital age. Early childhood education has its own digital tutor and every early childhood education teacher has a personal computer for planning and evaluation.

Nature is close to us and easily accessible. We invest in playing, learning and moving in nature. We are also involved in UNICEF's child-friendly municipality model.

We want to offer high-quality early childhood education and together we develop operating models and evaluation. At Keski, we have the child and a positive, solution-oriented pedagogy. The aim of Imatra's early childhood education is to promote the equal, comprehensive development, learning and well-being of all children in accordance with the principles of inclusion.

Join ProVaka, which has been researched to have an impact on well-being at work as well, to guide children's social behavior.

The well-being of our staff is important to us 

We have modern and healthy working conditions, a positive and open work atmosphere, and competent and enthusiastic colleagues. We have a substitute system for sudden placements. Deputy directors work alongside the daycare director and we implement the so-called shared leadership model, where each person can participate in the unit's decision-making. We develop and develop together. 

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We have available

  • Healthy and versatile working and learning environments.
  • A good support network and the opportunity for a comprehensive early childhood education special education teacher's work contribution, as well as e.g. for consulting a specialist in education and training.
  • The ProVaka model, which has been researched to improve work well-being.
  • Personal work computer for early childhood education teachers. 
  • Current job descriptions and salary according to the demands of the work.
  • Locally agreed salary supplement for early childhood special education teachers. 
  • Employee bicycle benefit.
  • Good continuing education opportunities. 
  • The opportunity to participate in development work and influence its shape.
  • Opportunities for work rotation.
  • Good job guidance and coaching opportunities. 
  • Preventive occupational health care that supports coping at work and also covers specialist consultation if necessary.
  • A family-friendly work community.
  • Possibility of charging electric cars in school centers. 
  • If necessary, we assist in obtaining a rental apartment.
  • More affordable housing.

Join a group of people who are enthusiastic about their work! 

The job satisfaction survey of the early childhood education staff shows that almost 90% of the staff are enthusiastic about their work. The atmosphere between the immediate supervisor and the staff was also perceived as confidential. In addition, a large part of the early childhood education staff is ready to recommend their workplace to a friend. (Job well-being survey 2021)

Jaana Lippojoki

Jaana, director of the daycare center

"We are a boldly developing and learning community. We have a great framework to carry out high-quality work for the benefit of children. Come with!"
Hanna Sutinen and children on the magic carpet

Hanna, early childhood education teacher

"We work together having fun, experimenting, succeeding and strengthening our professionalism."
Tanja Röyskö

Tanja, special early childhood education teacher

"The city offers opportunities to participate in trainings and thus maintain and develop one's own skills. We have a positive wind blowing."
Terhi Hulkko

Terhi, director of kindergarten and preschool education

"We have a positive, energetic and enthusiastic work community. As a supervisor, I am present in everyday life, building the future together with professional and competent personnel. We create versatile learning environments together and we have time for pedagogical discussions."
Imatra harbor and Ukonniemi beach

Small town, big city possibilities

Imatra has comfortable living environments and good services. Saimaa, Vuoksi and Imatrankoski create a unique landscape to experience. The diverse cultural offer and active sports community offer things to do and experiences.

The National Miracle of Finland is home to an easier everyday life and a joyful celebration. Check it out and bring it already!

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