Gems of light and art 18.–22.10.2023 in Imatra

Thank you to everyone who participated in the Gems of Light and Art event!

The pearls of light and art were organized for the first time. The event gathered thousands of visitors over five days.

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Imatra shines in the autumn darkness.

A free event for the whole family, where the public can walk at dusk to get to know, see and experience the illuminated sites in the center of Imatra and the surrounding area.

There will be experiences, workshops and performances around light and art.

See the photo gallery from the event

Flowers of Life is known for spectacular light works (stock image).

Light art in Koskipuisto

Finnish lawsen, I specialize in UV light arta Flowers of Life - art group's light art creates a wonderful three-dimensional Butterfly Park Lux Creature  and a magical light alley for the bicycle path behind Inkerinaukio, A path of Warmth. In addition, Koskipuisto has five lighted balls (Lost Flowers). Founded in 2005, the group has visited 24 countries and made numerous art installations around Finland.

Imatran Seudun Sähkö is celebrating its 95 years of operation of Henrik Frondelius with the light work designed by Imatran Seudun Sähkö - 95 years. The company, which has been operating since 1928, has commissioned an environmental artwork for the event, depicting its own professional field and long-lived and strong work, as part of its jubilee year's program.

Imatran Seudun Sähkö - Cheerful energy and service since 1928

Kasperi Kolehmainen: To the flow, to freedom. Video: Fanni Frix

Dance and music in Inkerinaukio

A dancer from Imatra is attached to the event Kasperi Kolehmainen. His amazing dance performance will be seen at the event At Inkerinaukki, Wed 18 - Sun 22.10.2023 October 20, every evening at XNUMX pm. The piece is inspired by the gray lady who haunts the Valtionhotelli. The title of the work is To the flow, to freedom.

To the flow, to freedom
Dance, choreography: Kasperi Kolehmainen
Dressing: Henna Kolppo / Fashion and Dressing Education Program, Southeastern Finland University of Applied Sciences XAMK
Lighting: Professional degree students in performance and theater technology STEP training center
Murcof: Dropped Soul; Ezio Bosso: Six Breaths: ||| Breath, Crying Breath Tangerine Dream: Sequent 'C' - remastered 2018 Ezio Bosso: The Things That Remain - Radio edit Lucas King: Sociopath
Production: City of Imatra / Mari Haaparanta
Performance duration: approx. 20 minutes

Illuminated dome

The one behind Inkerinaukio the park features the illuminated domes of SounDome. SounDome also offers music performances that take place in the basement of Valtionhotelli.

Music performances offered by SounDome in the basement of Valtionhotelli

Thu 19.10. at 19:XNUMX a.m
George Cloudy;
Heikki Pöyhia, Lauri Kuosa, Hanna Kaskela and Juuso Partanen

Sat 21.10. at 21:XNUMX p.m
Reggae band Imatra Riddim;
Antto Hinkkanen, Antti Piikki, Niko Kosonen, Veikka Kaarle, Milla Hilke, Maiju Viitanen and Juho Pajukoski

Admission to the performances is free. K18.

Reflector tree

If you don't have a reflector, get one for yourself from a tree.>
If you have extra ones, bring them to hang on my branches for the joy and safety of others.

See in the dark!

Welcome to the campfire!

The patrol flag units Tarmontytöt and Saimaan Sissit are camping at Inkerinaukio on Friday and Saturday from 18-22.
Come to fry sausages, buy an advent calendar for Christmas and get to know the activities of the energetic scouts.


Scandic Imatran State Hotel celebrates its 120th anniversary. 
Cellar open Sat 21.10. from 20:02 to XNUMX:XNUMX, Dj Juzzi takes care of the music.
There is free access to the basement. 

Button corner lights
The ribbon-like windows in the button corner have already awakened to a brilliant color. The work was designed and executed by Henrik Frondelius

Light works, fire show and workshops in Koskenpartaa and Nepparinaukio

Program on the Koskenparta stage 

Wed 18.10. at 18.30:XNUMX p.m 

Opening of the event: vitality director Susanna Issakainen
Event patron greeting; Ritva Oravuo, Imatran Inkeri 2023
LiekinKieli fire show 
Immet of Imatran
Dance studio Jami


Imatra congregation's tent. 

Fri 20.10. at 18.30:XNUMX

Dance studio Jami
LiekinKieli fire show

Teatteri Vaientamaton, Asemäentien Nuorisoseura ry

Sat 21.10. at 18.30:XNUMX p.m

Flame language fire show
at 19 pm Saturday dances, Imatra brass band

Workshops of Virta school in Nepparinauki

Virta-opisto organizes Wed-Sat 18.-21.10. workshops open to everyone in the former premises of H&M (Koskenparras 6A).

Sweet lanterns Wed 18 and Thu 19.10. from 18:19.30 to XNUMX:XNUMX
Director Maija-Liisa Hallikainen. The building materials are sugar cubes, hot glue, cardboard and foil.
Number of participants 20 people

Brilliant lanterns Fri 20 and Sat 21.10. from 18:19.30 to 20:21.30 and from XNUMX:XNUMX to XNUMX:XNUMX
Directed by Merja Heiskanen and Emmi Pellinen. Construction materials are iron wire and colored papers.
Number of participants 20 people.

There is no participation fee or advance registration for the workshops.

Light works of communities

In different parts of Imatra, clubs, associations and companies carry out light works. The works will be completed on Wed 18.10. by and are on display on 31.12. until. See the participation instructions below.

The public can vote for the winner
Works can be voted on from 18.10 October to 24.11 November. According to the public, the best work will be published at Imatrankoski's Christmas unveiling event on November 25.11.

The works can be found in the following places:

  1. Imatran Immet, Koskenparras 6
  2. Imatran Voima, Koskenparras 6
  6. Teija Rossi, Helsingintie 9
  7. Asemäentien Nuorisoseura ry, Helsingintie 9
  9. This place, Koskenparras 7
  10.  Muksula, Koskenparras 7
  11. Tää ja Nää, Koskenparras 7
  12.  Imatrankoski confectionery, Koskenparras 8
  13. Tornator, Einonkatu 6
  14. Neitsytniemen manor house, Neitsytniemenkuja 12

Vote for the winner here

Cabin Imatra open doors Wed 18.10. from 16:20 to 10:XNUMX at Einonkatu XNUMX

At the open doors of Ohjaamo, there is coffee, activities organized by young people, small competitions and raffles, music, and of course the presentation of Ohjaamo. The cockpit is open as usual on Wednesday from 13:16 to XNUMX:XNUMX, after which the event programs begin.

There are young people and employees of Ohjaamo. Welcome for a coffee and to get to know the Cockpit! 

Theater Imatra
The 120th anniversary of theater activity in Imatra is currently underway.

Theater Imatra

Teatteri Imatra is celebrating the milestone of 120 years of local theater activity. Guided theater tours on Wed 18.10. and Thu 19.10. at 18 p.m. and at 19 p.m. Tour duration 45 min. The first 20 get in.

The rapids shows delight during the festive week.
The rapids shows delight during the festive week.

Rapids shows

The rapids show is from Wednesday 18.10. until Saturday 21.10. at 18 p.m.

Imatrankoski bridge will be closed to traffic for the duration of the show from 17.45:18.30 to XNUMX:XNUMX.

Love ship, anchor, heart

Love boat - Vuoksen's ferry 

Love boat cruises Thu 19.– Sat 21.10. at 17, 19, 20 and 21. Route: Evälahti pier – Karjalainen kotitalo Hilja piha – Evälahti pier. Price €5/person.

Program changes possible. The event listing is being updated.

 See the venues here

Download the map here 

The pearls of light and art event map, version 4.
Yard lights in the tree in the dark

Create your own light work, the best will be rewarded

Come and make light weeks happen by designing your own work. There are empty display windows in different parts of Imatra where willing participants can create their own light work.
You can also design and implement your works for your company's shop window, your own garden, the window of a hobby place, or even as pebbles shining in the dark along your jogging path.
Sign up so that we can make a list of the included items. The works may be exhibited from 18.10 October to 31.12 December.
Works can be voted on from 18.10 October to 24.11 November. in the period between, and according to the public, the best work will be published at Imatrankoski's Christmas unveiling event on 25.11. According to the public, the best light work will be awarded and product prizes will be drawn among all those who voted.
You can sign up all over Imatra and inquire about empty windows on 13.10. by email: or 0405503327.

Free public transport

Buses can be used free of charge on event days.

See the schedules

Organizers and partners

  • The event is produced by the city of Imatra. The event is part of Imatra's 75th anniversary celebration.

The cooperation includes: 

More organizers of the event are needed

Contact us!  

Mari Haaparanta event producer / City of Imatra, p. 020 617 1096



Blue rapids show

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