Kulmille! - Imatrankoski's idea competition

Thank you to those who participated in the competition! We received a total of 197 proposals.

The competition was won by an idea called "Develop Imatra". The proposal made by the working group is a comprehensive plan for the development of Imatrankoski.

Five ideas were awarded cash prizes in the competition. In addition, three ideas received an honorable mention. Check out the award-winning ideas (PDF)

See here for 155 ideas, whose authors have given consent to publish their ideas.

In the Elävä Imatrankoski project 2023 - 2024, a development plan for Imatrankoski will be created. As part of the planning, an idea competition for the development of Imatrankoski will be organized to gather ideas and involve the townspeople.

The best ideas obtained in the competition end up as part of the development plan and its recommendations for further development of the city center.

The goal of the competition is to get people to the center of Imatra, to the corners of the locals' mouths.

The competition area is the center of Imatra, Imatrankoski, including the rapids and Kruununpuisto.

Competition development area on the map
Delimitation of the competition area.




The competition seeks solutions to the following topics:

  • profitability and sustainability of commercial operations

  • securing comfort and attractiveness

  • activities, events and experiences

  • securing social diversity and children's inclusion

  • safe urban space​

  • functionality of traffic and infrastructure

  • architecture

Evaluation criteria

Effectiveness / cost-effectiveness​

Innovativeness / novelty value

Feasibility / Usability​

The quality / thoroughness of the proposal

How the proposal supports Imatran goals of the strategy.

To be successful in the competition, one idea does not have to solve all the challenges of the city center. 

The evaluation is carried out by a panel of experts.



The competition opens at the end of June.​

Presentation of the competition on Imatra Day 19.8.2023 August

Proposals can be submitted until September 18.9.2023,

The winners will be announced on South Karelia Province Day, 11.10.2023 October


1. Prize €7000

2. Prize €4000

3. Prize €1000

4. Prize €500
park atmosphere with a water feature

Competition rules

Check out the official rules of the competition.

For the eyebrows! -competition jury 

CEO of the South Karelia Chamber of Commerce Mika Peltonen  

Chairman of Imatra entrepreneurs Markus Sainio  

Imitsi ry of Imatra's centers development association: board member Niina Viljakainen 

Area development manager of the Southern Karelia Regional Association Heli Gynther

Lecturer in landscape architecture at Aalto University Emilia Weckman

Research teacher at LUT University Markku Ikävalko 

Humanist University of Applied Sciences Humaki lecturer Juha Iso-Aho  

Chairman of the Imatra City Council Ilkka Nokelainen 

Member of the Imatra city council Markku Pentikäinen 

Member of the Imatra city council Sami Rossi 

Mayor of Imatra Matias Hilden, president of the jury 

For more information:

director of vitality Susanna Issakainen, p. 020 617 2201susanna.issakainenatimatra.fi (susanna[dot]issakainen[at]imatra[dot]fi) (on vacation 14.7.-2.8.2023)

participation coordinator Heikki Laine, p. 020 6172321,  weak. waveatimatra.fi (heikki[dot]laine[at]imatra[dot]fi) (on vacation until 30.7.2023 July XNUMX)

People on the pedestrian street

Read the announcement on the subject

The competition is part of the downtown development project.