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Imatra wants to be a feel-good Karelian city.

The energetic Imatra 2030 strategy guides actions and investments

17.6.2022 18:51
Imatra's new strategy is ready and approved by the council. The strategy rests on three cornerstones: a responsible city of culture and tourism, a feel-good Karelian
a city and a city of working together.

The strategy must be reflected in our everyday life and choices, Acting mayor Matias Hilden says.
The word strategy may sound boring, but it is one of the city's most important documents. It aligns all activities.
- For example, all major investments must be in line with the strategy, chairman of the city council Anna Helminen stress.

A responsible cultural and tourism city

The cornerstones of Imatra's new strategy have also been defined as the most important tasks.
The pursuit of a responsible city of culture and tourism is started by investing in the lively city center, the Vuoksi region and the surroundings of Saimaa and Ukonniemi.

Responsibility means that Imatra undertakes to take into account the principles of sustainable development in development.

A feel-good Karelian city

The development of city residents' services is emphasized in the Karjalainen kaupunki kivijala.

- Imatra must offer a good life and services for all age groups, the chairman of the city board Ilkka Nokelainen says.

Feeling good is also supported by investing in different housing options.

In the strategy, child-friendliness has been raised as a top priority. Imatra
aims to be a UNICEF child-friendly municipality. Children's interests must be taken into account even more clearly in all decision-making.

The city of doing things together

Imatra's strength is the associations and the talkative spirit that springs from them. In the future, Imatra plans to do
cooperation with these associations even more.
- Our other strong support is in companies. Cooperation with companies of different sizes will be promoted, Helminen promises.
Imatra is also a city of excellence.
Even today, many companies and enterprises produce unique innovations and export products.
Similarly, at Imatra, both basic education, upper secondary school and vocational school organize versatile training. A good example of this is, for example, language-focused classes, cooperation between the university and the university of applied sciences
and the Universoma pathway. We want to promote excellence with these.

Decision-makers, townspeople and staff together

The strategy has been created in cooperation. In addition to decision-makers' workshops and joint discussions, the strategy has been influenced by the city's personnel and the people of Imatra.
- We are really pleased with how many answers we received to the surveys, Hilden praises.

Once a month, Imatra opens the background of current affairs on this page. You can influence which topics are discussed on the page. Answer the survey: imatra.fi/taustaslakymä

Imatra's value promises

  • Agility:  We react quickly.
  • Openness: We emphasize the transparency, equality and tolerance of the administration.
  • Attendant: The city is for its residents, businesses and communities.
  • Renewable: We think about what we do in a new way and see changes as opportunities.

Municipal strategy

  • A municipal strategy is a long-term plan that guides decision-making and operations.
  • The strategic task force and measures take the municipality towards the direction defined in the strategy.
  • Imatra defines measures especially in budget discussions.