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Registration for school children's morning and afternoon activities is underway

9.5.2023 09:54
Registration is done through the electronic transaction service. The registration period ends on May 15. 

Enrollment in the academic year of first and second grade students 2023–2024 for the organized morning and afternoon activities is underway.  

Registration is done by early childhood education services through electronic transactions. The registration period ends 15.5. 

Activities are organized in the mornings from autumn 7—9 and in the afternoons immediately after the end of the school day. Afternoon activities end no later than 17 and special education afternoon activities at 16 p.m. 

—The activity is organized at the child's own school. Breakfast is available in the morning and a snack in the afternoon, the assistant principal of Vuoksenniska School responsible for coordinating the activities Mari Leppänen says. 

The child can participate in the activity 1—10 or 11—20 day in a month. The payment is determined according to the selected number of days.  

There is a limited number of places for morning and afternoon activities. In the selection, equal application criteria are used, in which first-year students have priority. 

In addition, the city of Imatra organizes afternoon activities for them 3.—9.-classes students who are covered by special support and have a special care decision. A maximum of 20 students are accepted for the activity. 

 For more information: 

Assistant Principal Mari Leppänen, mari.leppanenatimatra.fi (mari[dot]leppanen[at]imatra[dot]fi), 020 617 5711 

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