Power cup
The Power Cup takes place on June 8–11.6. In Imatra.

Power Cup informs: 648 teams signed up for the world's largest junior volleyball tournament

2.3.2023 15:45
50 more teams registered for Imatra than last year when registering for the first period. There is also interest in participation from abroad.

Registration for the 1st period of the Power Cup gathered 648 teams from 8 to 11.6 June. For the junior volleyball tournament played in Imatra. 

- We are already looking forward to our summer event. It's great to see so many teams already participating in the registration for the 1st period. There has been enthusiasm from abroad again, and at least teams from Estonia are registering. This time we're traveling to Imatra, where the Power Cup is built in the Ukonniemi area in the embrace of Saimaa. There will be another unforgettable and joy-filled four-day event, rejoices the Power Cup event manager Anna Komu.

 In addition to the volleyball games, there will be a side program for young people. At the opening, we will see the artist that young people wish for, who will be published later in the spring. Power-tori serves visitors every day in the heart of the event area with various activation points.

Competitions can be seen on the Power stage throughout the event days. KisaDisco is also returning to the software. 10 visitors to the event are expected per day. The area is free to enter, so everyone is welcome to watch the games and get to know the Power-tor points.

Ukonniemi as an event venue is the best

Registration for the 2nd period of Power Cup starts on 6.3. and lasts until 13.4. until. The organizing clubs are Imatran's Pallo-Veikot and Ruokolahti's Raju.

- Ukonniemi as an event venue is the best. The Ukonniemi arena at the center of the event, all the playing fields nearby and the location near the Saimaa water body are Imatra's strengths. Our strengths are still known to be the hospitality and abundance of the region, says the local manager of Power Cup Jani Valkeapää.

Imatra has 4000 accommodations within a radius of five kilometers. You can get to the heart of the event by train, and the Power Cup event is easy to combine with the family's summer vacation. Imatra therefore invites the whole family and friends to enjoy themselves on site even longer.

Everyone is welcome to the Power Cup summer camp, regardless of sport background

Whether you are interested in volleyball or a young person who once played volleyball, the summer camp is for you. The Power Cup summer camp is a volleyball camp aimed at 7-15 year olds, which takes place on June 8-10.6 at Imatra in Ukonniemi.

There will be sports coaching, so the young person does not need to have previous experience in volleyball. The participant does not have to be part of a team either, but the camp is attended as individuals. The participants are divided into two groups. Those born between 2008 and 2011 are in their own group, and those born between 2012 and 2014 or later are in their own group.

- At this camp, we also want to offer young people who do not have a volleyball background the opportunity to participate in the funnest event of the summer. So now is the right time to come and try the sport at a low threshold, especially if you have always thought about starting volleyball or are even a little interested in it, encourages Komu.

More information about the camp can be found at www.powercup.fi/kesaleiri