aerial view of Ukonniemi Areena from Imatra
Ukonniemi is the main venue for the Power Cup 2023 tournament.

The world's largest children's and youth volleyball event Power Cup will be held in Imatra in 2023

6.8.2021 18:11
​​​​​​​Ruokolahti's Raju and Imatra's Pallo-Veikot are responsible for organizing the event.

Up to 8 visitors will arrive in the city during the tournament on June 11.6.2023-12, 000, of which there are approximately 8000 players.

Traditionally, the event has always included a famous opening concert, and it is also organized here in Imatrankoski as a music event open to everyone.

The main venue for the Power Cup 2023 tournament is Ukonniemi, where all the venues can be found in a single area within walking distance of each other, as well as the event market with sales counters and cafes.

- The competition area of ​​Ukonniemi will be open to all people, which means that the townspeople will also be able to watch the competitions and competition events that the competition area is full of, says the deputy city manager of Imatra Kaisa Heino.

The city of Imatra plans to offer for the event, facilities for the accommodation of players and maintenance crews, as well as the necessary performance conditions. The matter will be decided on Monday at the city council. Raju from Ruokolahti and Pallo-Veikot from Imatra are responsible for organizing the event.

- Ruokolahti's Raju and Imatra's Pallo-Veikot share the responsibility of organizing the big event. This good cooperation between the clubs and the support of the South Karelia Regional Association, the city of Imatra and the municipality of Ruokolahti create a good backbone for the Power Cup, says the director of sports at Imatran Pallo-Veikot ry Jani Valkeapää.

The event, organized for the first time in Jyväskylä in 1985, is now coming to South Karelia for the first time.

- The event is really big and its preparation is already in full swing. About 750 workers alone will be needed. The tournament will bring a lot of visibility to the Ukonniemi region and an estimated 2,5 million euros in tourism revenue to the Imatra region, says the chairman of Ruokolahti Raju ry Jouko Savolainen.


For more information:

deputy city manager Kaisa Heino phone 020 6172 206 kaisa. hayatimatra.fi (kaisa[dot]heino[at]imatra[dot]fi)

Imatran Pallo-Veikot ry Jani Valkeapää tel. 050 5387 190 jani.v. valkeapaaatelisanet.fi (jani[dot]v[dot]valkeapaa[at]elisanet[dot]fi)

Ruokolahten Raju ry., Jouko Savolainen phone 050 3033 229 mass Savonianathotmail.com (joukosavolainen[at]hotmail[dot]com)