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The city government outlined new steps for vitality work

21.12.2020 16:33
This has implications for the operations and resources of Kehy, Mitra and IBC.

On Monday, the Imatra city government outlined in its extraordinary meeting that it will take the vitality work under its more precise guidance. At the same time, the roles of Imatra Regional Development Company (Kehy) and Mitra Imatra Rakennuttaja Oy (Mitra) in the city's vitality work are being consolidated.

This change will have an impact on the operations and resources of Kehy, Mitra and Imatra Base Camp (IBC).

─ These effects will be decided in more detail in January. The purpose is to allocate current resources more efficiently than before, the chairman of the city board Anna Helminen says.

Now it has already been agreed that 300 euros from Kehy's resources will be transferred to the employment and vitality measures of the entire city. Kehy's board will start this preparation immediately.

Policy on city management in February

The new administrative regulation of the city of Imatra is also still being worked on. It is supposed to enter into force at the beginning of June 2021.

The new administrative rule outlines, among other things, the model in which the city will be managed in the future, Current mayor Kai Roslakka has announced that he will retire at the beginning of 2022. He will be on vacation from work in the fall of 2021.

In the January seminar, the city council discusses the administrative rule. The intention is that the new administrative rule can be discussed at the February council meeting at the latest.

The selection of the new mayor must be made by the current council.

Changes to Mitra

The city council also reported on the change in corporate form that will take effect at the turn of the year.

Procurement and competition legislation requires the separation of market-based and in-house operations when sales outside the group are more than EUR 0,5 million.

This is why Mitra Management Oy will start on January 1.1.2021, XNUMX. All market-based operations of the current Mitra Imatran Rakennuttaja Oy and Imatran Seudun Yritystilat Oy will be transferred to the management company.

The separation of market-based operations into a separate company will affect the composition of the companies' boards. These will be decided at the first meeting of the city board in 2021.


For more information:

Anna Helminen, chairman of the City Council, phone: 0206172280, give. pearlatimatra.fi (anna[dot]helminen[at]imatra[dot]fi)

1st Vice-Chairman of the City Council Ilkka Nokelainen, tel. 040 5930552, ilkka. nokelainenatimatra.fi (ilkka[dot]nokelainen[at]imatra[dot]fi)

City manager Kai Roslakka, tel. 020 617 2226, kai. garbageatimatra.fi (kai[dot]roslakka[at]imatra[dot]fi)