Youth space, sofas and a table in the space.
In August, the Chillaamo youth facility was opened in the Mansikkala school center.

The young people of Imatra are having a great time in Mansikkala's new youth facility

5.11.2020 17:38
The Chillaamo youth facility, which opened in August, has proven to be functional. At best, a hundred young people visit the space on Friday evenings.

The young people of Imatra have found the new youth space of the Mansikkala school center very well. The space named Chillaamo was opened in August at the same time as the rest of the school center.  

The new space has received good feedback from young people. The premises have been kept spacious and comfortable, and it has been easy to get to them.  

- The school center is a very natural place for young people to spend their free time. Friday evenings in particular have been popular. Then during one evening we have at best a hundred young people, the youth services team leader Niina Kupiainen says. 

We deal with young people every day 

Chillaamo is open on Wednesdays and shifts on Thursdays or Fridays.  

The youth counselors on site organize a different program in the evenings. In addition to guided activities, you can spend time freely in the premises: chatting, playing billiards, ping pong or board games, or just being. 

A lot depends on the young people themselves, because they can influence what happens in Chillaamo. 

- Right now we are waiting for new screens for the players. They have already been very much hoped for there, and they should arrive next week, says Kupiainen. 

Youth counselors also meet young people outside of Chillaamo. The Vuoksenniska, Koske and Mansikkala school centers have their own youth counselor who is always available on Tuesdays. In addition, youth services regularly visit the Imatra vocational college Sampo and are involved in multi-professional coffee parks, both at the vocational college and Yhteislukio.

- We meet young people a lot in their everyday life. Getting together is everyday, and in these meetings we also talk a lot about what the young people hope for Imatra. Instructors can also be reached through social media channels, and messages actively travel through these routes as well, says Kupiainen.

- This fall, we have also tried morning meetings as a new form of youth work, where we offer a snack and a chat to young people in a few schools. As one form of youth work, we have small group work, e.g. with Luovi students. Open free time group activities are also available for young adults.

 You can get individual support from the youth corner 

In addition to Chillaamo, youth services are also available at the Youth Corner in Imatrankoski. 

Noorten kulma operates in Torigalleria at Einonkatu 10. There you can find the Help Desk that helps with everyday matters, investigative youth work and the Sytkäri project that gives individual guidance to young people. 

- In the youth corner, there are two investigative youth workers and a guidance counselor. In addition, several of our partners work there, for example Martas and the congregation, says Kupiainen. 

From the youth corner, young people receive individual help and support in everyday matters. 

- The services are low-threshold services. In one place you can find tips and help for many things, for example employment, choosing a field or financial problems. The Ohjaamo café, on the other hand, is a meeting and leisure place aimed at all young adults. 

Everyone is welcome to develop services 

Niina Kupiainen started as team manager of the city of Imatra's youth services in mid-October. Over the course of a few weeks, he has noticed that the young people of Imatra are lively. 

- Of course, I would hope that the young people would get in touch even more actively and share their wishes and ideas. 

Youth services employees can be reached on social media via Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat. In addition, information can be found on the website of youth services, where there is also an opportunity to send ideas. 

Kupiainen welcomes all young people and those interested in youth issues to discuss and develop services. 

- We are all in common. The starting point for all of us is to act on the initiative of young people and for them. 


For more information: 

Team leader Niina Kupiainen, so. cupatimatra.fitarget = "_ blank", 020 617 7201 
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Youth center Chillaamo

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