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Individual support for employers and students receiving Imatra's apprenticeship supplement

28.3.2023 08:41
The goal is to improve employment and promote the completion of vocational qualifications

The city of Imatra and Työtaito ry continue to cooperate to improve the employment of young adults from Imatra by piloting a subsidized apprenticeship model.

Companies with a maximum number of employees of 20 people can take advantage of the apprenticeship contract company supplement granted by the city.

The amount and duration of the support is agreed individually with the parties to the learning contract

The support measures, regardless of their scope, are free of charge for the parties to the learning contract. Työtaito ry is responsible for support measures and, if necessary, network cooperation in the implementation of support measures.

- With the piloting of the subsidized apprenticeship model, young adults under the age of 29 will get a platform for completing a vocational qualification, where doing work is the focus, says Työtaito ry's acting executive director Kaisa Tuure.

- The piloting of the model aims in particular to enable vocational training for young people under the age of 29 who for some reason find it difficult to find employment, for different learners and those with partial work abilities, he adds

Employers are offered individual, need-based support for the implementation of the apprenticeship contract

If necessary, during the planning phase of the apprenticeship contract, a work trial period can be organized at Työtaito ry's Tää ja Nää workshop or directly with the employer.

The work trial period serves as a mapping period, during which the parties to the apprenticeship contract, the work environment and the work become familiar through planned and regular workplace visits.

- If successful, an apprenticeship is a great way to train an employee for the company, and in some cases even a continuation of business operations. Työtaito ry wants to be involved in supporting the use of the apprenticeship contract's company supplement and the young adults who are employed with it towards a vocational qualification and employment, says Tuure.

For more information:

acting executive director Kaisa Tuure, Työtaito ry, tel. 044 982 8951, kaisa.tureattyotaitory.com (kaisa[dot]tuure[at]tyotaitory[dot]com)

employment specialist Marika Vento, city of Imatra, tel. 020 617 7279, marika. ventoatimatra.fi (marika[dot]vento[at]imatra[dot]fi)

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