Youth athletics championship in Ukonniemi in the summer of 2023. Athletes on the running track.
The exercise class is intended for sporty young people. The picture is from the youth championships in athletics from the summer of 2023.

Application for the physical education class starts on Monday 11.3.

8.3.2024 10:21
A new physical education class for 7th graders will start in the fall at the Mansikkala school center. Students are selected through entrance exams.

The application for the Mansikkala school center's sports class begins on Monday, March 11.3. 6th grade students can apply for the class.

­-Students from Imatra can apply Through Wilma, the form can be found in the forms menu. Out-of-towners can email me directly, the headmaster Lasse Tiilikka says.

The application period ends on Sunday 24.3.2024 March XNUMX.

The selection test will be held on Thursday, April 4.4. All applicants are invited to the exam. It is used as a selection test Aptitude test recommended by the Olympic Committee, which is used to measure versatile physical skills and characteristics.

Information about the selections will be published by the end of April.

The first physical education class started operating at the Mansikkala school center in the fall of 2023. The experiment will continue at least for the school years 2024-2025 and 2025-2026 so that a new physical education class for 7th graders will be established at the beginning of the school year.

In addition to the physical education class, students who play sports can participate in Etelä-Karjalan Liikunta ja Urheilu ry To the sports academy, which operated in all Imatra school centers.

More information about exercise classes in general:

Leading principal Lasse Tiilikka, lasse. tilikkaatimatra.fi (lasse[dot]tiilikka[at]imatra[dot]fi), tel. 020 617 5718

More information about studying in a physical education class and entrance exams:

Teacher Tuula Ketola, tuula.ketolaatedu.imatra.fi (tuula[dot]ketola[at]edu[dot]imatra[dot]fi),  p. 020 617 6783

Updated 8.3. at 14.17:XNUMX p.m.: Added information that out-of-towners can apply for the class by sending an email to principal Lasse Tiilika.

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the city of Imatra

Hi Eni Also…

Hi Eni

Residents from other areas can also apply. You can contact the headmaster Lasse Tiilikka by email (lasse.tiilikka@imatra.fi), then he will ask for the necessary information and process the application further. We will also add the information to the bulletin.

Eni Vitikainen

Is it just meant to…

Is it only intended for those enrolled in Imatra or can you apply for a physical education class from neighboring municipalities?


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