Two old women sitting at a bus stop.
With this survey, the smoothness and accessibility of public transport will be improved.

Answer the survey about the development of public transport in Imatra 

21.11.2022 10:34
Do you know Imatra public transport? Is public transport accessible? Tell us about your experiences and needs related to public transport, and you could win a travel card for Imatra public transport.

The survey is carried out as part of the Barrier-free and safe Imatra project, the aim of which is to improve mobility opportunities for the elderly and people with mobility impairments in Imatra, both in the street environment and in public transport.

The answers to the survey being carried out now will be used for the development of public transport, related communication and stop environments, says the traffic engineer Aino Vuopio.

The survey is aimed at everyone; both for current users of public transport and for those who are unfamiliar with Imatra's public transport. The focus of the survey is smooth movement opportunities for everyone in public transport, for example from the perspective of accessibility.

The survey is open from 21.11 November to 4.12.2022 December XNUMX. Answering takes about 5-10 minutes.

Five travel cards loaded with ten journeys in Imatra's public transport will be drawn among the respondents who left their contact information. 

For the survey.

The survey can also be answered at the city of Imatra's customer service at the town hall at Virastokatu 2.

For more information:

Traffic engineer Aino Vuopio, tel. 0206171205, aino.vuopioatimatra.fi

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