Tiina with the award flowers in her hand gives a speech of thanks.

This year, entrepreneur Tiina Kärkäs-Sund will receive the Imatra medal

19.8.2023 12:30
The medal was solemnly handed out in connection with Imatra Day in Koskenpartaa.

Tiina is a strong advocate of small entrepreneurship, who is genuinely proud of being from Imatra. He serves as a great example of how one's own idea can be born into a long-term business activity that employs others.

The city government decided to choose the recipient of the Imatra medal in 2023 Tiina Kärkäs-Sundin, who creates ideas and brings joy both to Imatra and beyond.

His products are known all over Finland and beyond the borders. Kärkäs-Sund's products burst with Karelian color, that authentic Imatra joy of life. The fact that she has produced, in cooperation with the city, a great guide map for the pleasure of tourists also speaks of Tiina's attitude towards doing things.

- All in all, gratifying! I already had the idea of ​​who would be awarded this year, but I couldn't even think of myself! It was a pleasant surprise, he says.

Kärkäs-Sund's Virkkukokunen company is celebrating its 30th anniversary this year

- I noticed that the crochet hook became important to the people of Imatra, when at first it was just my thing. It feels good that I have employed locals, pleased the people of Imatra and buyers from elsewhere, Tiina reflects.

Imatra would have much more potential than what is used here.

- I encourage people to use their own strengths and use them for the benefit of all of us. Everything can lead to something! The golden edge can also be found in adversity, he reminds.

Tiina warmly thanks the city of Imatra and states that it is really nice that the people of Imatra are taken into account in this way.

For more information:

chairman Ilkka Nokelainen, Imatra city council, ilkka. nokelainenatimatra.fi (ilkka[dot]nokelainen[at]imatra[dot]fi) phone 040 593 0552

Imatra medal

In 1997, the Imatra city council decided to commission the Imatra medal in honor of Imatra's 50th anniversary. The medal was designed by sculptor Veikko Nuutinen.

The Imatra medal is awarded annually to a generally respected person who has achieved success with his activities for the benefit of Imatra and the people of Imatra, for example in the area of ​​culture, science, sports, social work, economic life or community work.

The awarding of the medal is decided by the city government, to which proposals can be made about the recipients of the medal.

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