Heikki Pöyhia has flowers and an award certificate in his hands.

Heikki Pöyhi was awarded for promoting the positive Imatra image

19.8.2023 12:28
Today, Saturday, the city of Imatra remembered the people who worked for Imatra.

The city of Imatra awarded Heikki Pöyhiän For promoting a positive image of Imatra. The award for the promoter of a positive image of Imatra is awarded annually to a person or an organization that has promoted a positive image of Imatra nationally as well.

Heikki Pöyhi was awarded because he has marketed Imatra on his own initiative. Last spring, Pöyhiä participated in The Voice of Finland competition, where he used his own expertise to highlight his hometown.

Good luck, Heikki Pöyhä! How does it feel now?

— It feels good to be noticed in this way. I care about Imatra and the people of Imatra, so the support of my hometown and the genuine care of people seem important. In The Voice of Finland competition, I wanted to highlight the fact that I am proudly from Imatra, states Pöyhiä.

Heikki Pöyhia has worked as a freelance musician and actor for the past 10 years. Participating in the singing competition has had a positive effect on the musician's job offers.

— There are currently more gig requests than I have time to do. Both fields as a freelancer are uncertain, but I am grateful that there has been enough work, Pöyhiä says.

In the fall, Pöyhi plays in Teatteri Imatra's Piaf – Little Sparrow. In autumn, Pöyhiä's bands also make and release new music. In the future, he has new designs in the field of acting.

Next year I will be acting for the first time somewhere other than Teatteri Imatra. A great production is coming, says Pöyhiä.

On Imatra day, Pöyhia will perform on the Koskenpartaa stage at 14 pm in the We Are The World music show, and at 20 pm Heikki & Haukat will be seen.

For more information:

Anna Helminen, chairman of the city council, give. pearlatimatra.fi (anna[dot]helminen[at]imatra[dot]fi), tel. 020 617 2280


Read the city government's reasoning here:

Promoter of a positive Imatra image: Heikki Pöyhiä

Promoter of a positive Imatra image The city government chose actor and musician Heikki Pöyhiä as the recipient of the award.

Pöyhia is a multi-talented actor as well as a musician. We have enjoyed Pöyhiä's talent many times in Teatteri Imatra's productions.

He has always marketed Imatra on his own initiative and in a wonderful style. Last winter, he brought his hometown to the fore in The Voice of Finland competition, his own expertise. Heikki Pöyhia is the true cultural ambassador of Imatra - Our Heikki.

Heikki Pöyhä

Heikki Pöyhia is a freelance musician and actor. He started playing music as a child and has been doing it for 20 years. Currently, Pöyhia is involved in three bands. Pöyhia has been involved in Teatteri Imatra's productions since 2008. In the spring of 2023, Pöyhiä participated in The Voice of Finland competition.


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