Radon measuring jar.

Indoor radon measurement season still left

29.3.2023 12:53
You still have time to measure the radon concentration in your home. The measurement season is left until the end of May.

Radon is an odorless, tasteless and colorless radioactive gas in the soil that enters the apartment through cracks in structures against the soil.

Long-term stay in high radon concentration increases the risk of developing lung cancer.

According to the radiation safety center's (STUK) radon map, the median radon level in Imatra is 144 becquerels (Bq) per cubic meter, and the average is 224 Bq/m³.


The reference value defined by the Ministry of Social Affairs and Health is 300 becquerels per cubic meter, for new buildings the reference value is 200 Bq/m³.

According to STUK, reference values ​​are exceeded relatively often in South Karelia.

—Households are not required to measure radon concentrations, but measuring is still worthwhile. It is relevant right now, because the measurements are carried out during the heating season from September 1.9 to May 31.5. between. There is no way to sense radon, so measuring is the only way to find out the amount of radon, environmental engineer Sirpa Heinänen The Imatra region's environmental action states.

Radon measurement can be ordered from STUK or from a service provider approved by STUK. A list of service providers and instructions for ordering can be found on Stuk's website.



More information: environmental engineer Sirpa Heinänen, sirpa.heinanenatimatra.fi