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A professional as a customer

18.5.2022 10:29
Blog: A librarian as a customer at her workplace, can she be?

When summer is about to come, the librarian goes on vacation. The vacation is short, it's not enough for a librarian. He will be on rotation leave straight from the holidays. So he hasn't been to the library for more than half a year. If you don't go there as a customer.

Usually, the librarian only goes to the library for work. He doesn't want to go to work in his free time. The warm atmosphere of the library, its great customer service and cultural atmosphere will not be experienced by him. Even the librarian's children don't go to the library, the father brings the books home for them. Bear service?

Can a librarian be a customer? Does he know how to behave in the library? There's all kinds of weird stuff out there these days. Self-service, self-service and service hours, self-service technology and equipment. You can get to the library, even if the staff is not there. Access if you have a library card and PIN code. The librarian never has a library card with him, he does not need a PIN code. Now he has to learn new ways. He finds instructions from the city's website.

If the librarian goes to the library during service hours, does he dare to contact the staff? That one always looks so sharp. You have to dare, because the search engines used by customers are so difficult to use. Would there still be room for development at Finna, or does the librarian just not know how?

Should the librarian settle down and stay at home? There are various e-services In the online library of Heilikirjatos the darkest of clouds. There are e-books and e-audio books, there is the eMagz magazine service, the Naxos music and video service and the Rockway music school. There are films in the library cinema, including the classics of domestic cinema Rumble, the viewing of which belongs to general education. It's good to be at home, but a paper book is always a paper book.

But does a librarian even want to read on vacation? Reading has become almost impossible in the age of social media, the ability to concentrate is non-existent. Taking work home is awkward, and reading work to a librarian is exactly that. Preparing book recommendations and reading circles, writing recommendations and reading lists. Reading The Librarian is never just a pleasure.  

However, the librarian notices and starts scolding herself. Doing business in the library can't be difficult, even real customers can handle it. And reading can't be as bad as he imagines it to be. Maybe he'll first rest for a couple of weeks, then pick himself up and boldly go to explore a modern library. And learns to enjoy reading again.

Happy summer and end of the year to everyone!

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