A boy and a girl are writing and listening to music.
The results of the Palta writing competition will be announced on April Fool's Day.

The writing competition revealed the plight of young people

16.3.2022 15:48
Palta's national writing competition for high school students ended on January 31.1.2022, 1.4.2052. The subject of the competition was Saturday XNUMX April XNUMX.

The competition attracted participants from all over Finland, the authors' association Paltta praises in its press release. The texts reflect young people's anxiety about environmental change and the fear of war. Many have imaginative technical visions of things like living and moving around. However, the writings also have beauty, warm relationships and trust in the good. 

Three main prizes and three honorable mentions are awarded in the competition. The results will be announced at the Kouvola main library on April 1.4.2022, 17 at XNUMX p.m.

The winners of the competition have been chosen by a jury, which includes three writing professionals: writer Annamari Marttinen from Lappeenranta, writer Jukka Behm from Kouvola and Finnish language teacher Sinikka Vuento from Lappeenranta. Among them, Annamari Marttinen and Sinikka Vuento will be present at the announcement event.

The competition was organized in cooperation with the libraries of South Karelia and Kymenlaakso.  

The Finnish Cultural Fund and the Kordelin Foundation have granted the project a grant, thanks to which the competition could be organized.

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