Vesterinen's family of five photographed in front of their home and Tainionkoski church.
In front of their home, Heini and Johannes Vesterinen and their children in the picture from the right: Vilkku, Vuokko and Veikka.

We have everything here

27.4.2020 17:54
For the musician couple Heini and Johannes Vesterinen, Imatra is a suitable place to fulfill themselves.

Westerners live with their three children in a detached house less than a kilometer from the train station. My yard continues as a field, on one side of which stands one of the premises of the couple's joint workplace, the Tainionkoski church, and on the other side the Parsonage.

The one from Hankasalmi Hack has felt that he was welcome at Imatra. In the early stages of his stay in Imatra, Heini spent the summer working as a guide at the Church of the Three Crosses designed by Alvar Aalto. While looking for answers to tourists' questions, he discovered the diverse areas of Imatra. Later, Imatra's creative madness has also become known.

– There are icy instruments, a first-snow sled or a Sauna sled. This is the style here, a happy creatively crazy South Karelian attitude.

For Hein, who studied music in Jyväskylä and Helsinki, Imatra's services are sufficient.

- Sometimes there is an instrument thing that needs to be taken care of, or a courier needs to be used in Helsinki. We have everything here. There is an abundance of hobbies for children, says Heini.

Hey and John are not quite basic cantors, but they run the annual early music festival in Vanhassa vara mejei!, Hurja Joukko, a musical theater group for people with intellectual disabilities, as well as a wide variety of activities, from yard musician gigs to afternoon music events, in Imatra. Johannes also composes and arranges for his work and Heini writes the screenplay.

In the parish of Imatra, an artistic couple has been allowed to do their work in a creative way, and neither of them has dreamed of the pulse of a big city.

- Helsinki was a nice place to study for five years. After all, there is great architecture there. However, I went to Imatra during my studies almost every weekend, says Johannes, who before his vocation as a musician had intended to stay and continue his homestead in Viraskorpe, the center of Imatra.

In 2013, the couple's house was completed, in no other place than the newly zoned Kantorinkuja. Since then, the family has grown with three children, and there are no complaints about the place of residence.

- This place is a fun combination of countryside and city. Here, there is a field next to it, and on the other hand, all city services are close by. When you look from a certain angle, you can see a small piece of Vuokse, Johannes praises.

Vesterinen's lot has just under 1200 square meters of space, so both soccer is played in the yard and vegetable soil is dug up.