Excavator and construction site fence on a narrow street.

Vehicle traffic will be interrupted on Mellonkatu at the intersection of Riimukatu on Thursday 19.10.2023 October XNUMX

18.10.2023 15:33
The outage lasts about a week. Light traffic will also be blocked at the construction site during the work.

- There is a detour for vehicle traffic from the end of Kulkuskatu to the end of Hevossuontie, says the master in charge Jukka Malinen From the corner.

Light traffic can pass by the construction site when the work is not in progress. Renovation works are carried out on weekdays between 7 and 15:30.

The traffic disruption is related to the ongoing Meltola area renovation.

For more information:

developer Konsta Toikka, Mitra Imatran Rakennuttaja Oy, consta.tokkaatmitra.fi (konsta[dot]toikka[at]mitra[dot]fi), tel. 05 235 2829

responsible master Jukka Malinen, Imatran Kiinteistö- ja aluepalvelut Oy, jukka.malinenatimatrankipa.fi (jukka[dot]malinen[at]imatrankipa[dot]fi), tel. 05 813 6610

traffic engineer Aino Vuopio, city of Imatra, aino.vuopioatimatra.fi (aino[dot]vuopio[at]imatra[dot]fi), tel. 020 617 1205

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