Upper secondary school

Imatran yhteislukio

Imatran yhteislukio is a traditional general upper secondary school founded in 1908. We offer students a versatile and modern learning environment. We support homes in bringing up young people by guiding students towards a responsible future. We provide students with competitive readiness for further studies in various fields and taking on roles in different international contexts.

Our school is a versatile upper secondary school with more than 400 students, where students are able to choose their subjects individually. We provide a pleasant learning atmosphere in which we value respect for other people, positivity, independence and creativity.

The evening classes providing general upper secondary education for adults, the shared IB programme of the cities of Imatra and Lappeenranta and the upper secondary school of Itä-Suomen suomalais-venäläinen koulu (Finnish-Russian school of Eastern Finland) maintained by a foundation operate in connection with Imatran yhteislukio. We also offer upper secondary school education for double degrees.

The IB programme

In addition to the upper secondary school with 5/6 classes in each year, the IB programme is also organised at the school. The IB Diploma Programme (DP) is an international three-year training programme preparing students for university. The programme is taught in English. The first year is a preparatory year (Pre-DP), which consists of first year classes in the Finnish upper secondary school. The following two years consist of actual IB classes (DP) in six subjects. The IB programme in South Karelia operates in cooperation with Lappeenrannan lyseo.

Sports Academy

Athletic students may apply to Etelä-Karjalan urheiluakatemia, the sports academy of South Karelia. The academy offers training sessions on three mornings a week and support for combining goal-oriented training with studies.

Finnish-Russian school of Eastern Finland

The students of the upper secondary school of Itä-Suomen suomalais-venäläinen koulu (Finnish-Russian school of Eastern Finland or ISK) complete their upper secondary school education in Imatran yhteislukio. The special task of the ISK upper secondary school is to increase language proficiency in Russian and knowledge of Russian culture as well as promote entrepreneurial skills. The goal of upper secondary school education is also to prepare the students for future studies and the demands of working life. The ISK upper secondary school is suited for students who have studied Russian as a language starting in grades 1–6 of basic education, whose mother tongue is Russian or immigrant youths who speak Russian and have a sufficient Finnish language proficiency.

Double degree

Imatran yhteislukio and Saimaa Vocational College Sampo offer the opportunity to complete a double degree. The vocational college is the primary school, where students complete their vocational upper secondary qualification. At the same time with the vocational training, students also complete upper secondary school classes and finish their studies by gaining the matriculation examination certificate.



PRINCIPAL   Mika Strömberg
SCHOOL SECRETARY   Merja Heiskanen

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