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Kulmille!-competition rules

27.6.2023 13:03
Imatrankoski development competition 30.6. – 18.9.2023 September XNUMX 

The purpose of the competition and the right to participate  

The competition is organized to gather ideas and involve residents in the development of Imatrankoski. The goal is to get people to Imatrankoski in the center of Imatra. 

The best ideas obtained in the competition end up as part of the Imatrankoski development plan and its recommendations for further development of the city center. The plan will be made in the Elävä Imatrankoski project in 2023 - 2024. 

You can participate in the competition with an idea from any industry and sector of society. Ideas that have not yet been implemented are applied for in the competition.  

Companies and entities registered in a country subject to EU sanctions or companies, entities or individuals on the EU sanctions list cannot participate in the competition. 

The idea must be implemented in the center of Imatra. In this context, Imatrankoski and Kruununpuisto are also included in the center.  

The idea must be developed by the participant himself. If there have been other persons or organizations involved in the idea, they must be mentioned in the proposal and their consent to participate in the competition must be ensured.   

Competition organizer  

The organizer of the competition is the city of Imatra.  

Competition time  

Submission of competition forms starts on 26.6.2023 June 9.00 at 18.9.2022:23.59 a.m. and ends on 3 September XNUMX at XNUMX:XNUMX p.m. Finnish time (UTC+XNUMX).  

Competition topics  

  • Profitability and sustainability of commercial operations 

  • Securing comfort and attractiveness 

  • Activities, events and experiences 

  • Securing social diversity and children's inclusion 

  • A safe urban space 

  • Functionality of traffic and infrastructure 

  • Architecture 

The competition idea can implement one or more subjects.  

Competition prizes 

  1. Prize €7 

  1. Prize €4 

  1. Prize €1 

  1. Prize €500  

The organizer reserves the right not to award prizes if there are good reasons for doing so.   

Participation in the competition  

You participate in the competition by filling out an electronic development proposal. Applications received in other ways or after the end of the competition period will not be accepted. The competition organizer will support you in filling out the form if necessary. There is no participation fee in the competition. Here you can see what questions are asked in the form. (link)  

Competition applications can be processed already during the competition in case of possible supplemental needs. Supplement requests are sent by e-mail to the contact person and must be answered within 7 (seven) days. The replenishment period ends on September 11.9.2023, XNUMX at the latest.  

Ideas must be in accordance with good manners. The organizer reserves the right to reject unauthorized applications.  

Publicity and communication of applications  

Applications submitted to the competition are not public as such. Competition applications can be reviewed by the secretariat of the innovation competition and the jury. Participants undertake to provide the competition organizer with additional information about their application.  

The organizer of the competition will publish the following information about the winners of the competition:  

  • Implementer of the idea/maker of the proposal  

  • The name of the idea  

  • A brief description of the idea  

The information about ideas that were not awarded will be published if the proposer has allowed it when submitting the proposal. 

Evaluation of competition proposals and selection of winners  

The competition secretariat consists of employees of the Imatra city group and its cooperating organizations, who have strong expertise in the topics of the competition. The secretariat reviews the proposals submitted to the competition and selects the proposals to be presented to the competition jury. The selection of ideas to be proposed for award is made based on the applications and any requested supplements. The composition of the secretariat is not public at the personal level. The background information of the proposers of the ideas is checked. 

The jury consists of the mayor of Imatra (chairman), three trustees of the city of Imatra and external experts. The composition of the jury will be published in its entirety during August 2023.  

The jury can ask the applicants for additional information or interview the applicants.   

The secretariat and the jury follow general disability principles.  

The evaluation takes into account the idea:  

  • Effectiveness / cost-effectiveness 

  • Innovativeness / novelty value 

  • Feasibility / Usability 

To be successful in the competition, one idea does not have to solve all the challenges of the city center.  

The competition area is the center of Imatra, Imatrankoski, including the rapids and Kruununpuisto. 

The decisions of the jury cannot be appealed.  

Announcing the winners 

The winners will be announced at the provincial day organized on October 11, where the awardees will be invited. The winners undertake not to disclose any knowledge of their winnings before the official announcement. 

Payment of the award 

The prize money will be paid after the winners are announced. The fee is taxable income.  

Utilization of ideas and intellectual property rights 

The city of Imatra can use both unrewarded and awarded ideas freely in the development of Imatrankoski. 

If the proposer of the idea has put considerable effort into making the competition work, or if the developed idea can be considered a work with copyright or a product for which industrial rights can be applied for, the city will agree with the proposer of the idea on the use of the proposal and compensation.  

Confirmation of rules 

The implementation of the competition is based on these rules and the participants commit to these rules. The competition organizer can give more detailed instructions in addition to these rules. 

More information 

Director of Economic Development Susanna Issakainen, susanna.issakainenatimatra.fi (susanna[dot]issakainen[at]imatra[dot]fi) (on vacation 14.7.-2.8.2023)

participation coordinator Heikki Laine, weak. waveatimatra.fi (heikki[dot]laine[at]imatra[dot]fi) (on vacation until 30.7.2023 July XNUMX)

The word "Kulmille!" in the e-mail title.