High school students in the corridor.
120 students will start the co-ed high school next fall.

The website of the high school was renewed

17.1.2023 10:05
The pages are being developed all the time, for example the logo will be updated in the near future.

The website of Imatra co-ed high school have been reformed.

- The pages have not been developed for a long time. Now was the time to do something. In the future, our main communication channel with students and parents is Wilma, but it's good that we also have a window to the outside world online, principal Mika Luukkonen says.

Information for those applying to become a student has been gathered on the website. In addition, there is compiled information for current students.

Important dates of the holiday can also be found on the website, from which you can check, among other things, the dates of classes and old days.

The dates of matriculation examinations can be checked from the link that leads directly to the website of the Matriculation Examination Board. The website also has a link to the high school's daily menus.

The high school's website has language versions that are implemented using an automatic translation program.

The tone of the logo is getting brighter

The high school implemented the pages in cooperation with the city's communication team and Generaxion, which maintains the city's pages.

- The pages will never be finished. Even now, some entities are still missing textual content and current issues are constantly being updated. One thing that will be updated in the near future is the logo of the high school. Its blue tone will be brightened to better match the old logo color and accessibility requirements, director of communications Liisa Hupli-Oinonen says.

Feedback on the website is requested either in the comment field of this bulletin or by e-mail to the address: communicationatimatra.fi (communication[at]imatra[dot]fi)

For more information:

Mika Luukkonen, principal of Imatra joint high school, p. 020 617 5709.

Director of Communications Liisa Hupli-Oinonen, tel. 020 6172400

first name Last Nameatimatra.fi (firstname[dot]surname[at]imatra[dot]fi)

Follow up: imatra.fi/iyl

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