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The swimming pool and the sports hall will be closed for three months in the summer 

6.3.2024 15:30
All sports facilities in the property are closed during the summer. During the closure, maintenance measures are being carried out in the building. 

Imatra's swimming hall sports hall will close next summer for June-August. 

During the closure, all sports facilities are out of use and no city employees work in the property. 

— Entrepreneurs operating in the building can run their business as usual. However, there are no city functions in the building, sports and wellness manager Henna Jääskeläinen says. 

During the summer closure, work is done on the property maintenance procedures. The staff of the sports hall is on summer vacation and partially laid off. 

Due to the extended summer closure, the sports clubs will only be able to practice in the gymnasiums of the sports hall from the beginning of September. During August, clubs using the sports hall can apply for training sessions in the sports halls of the Mansikkala school center. 

Seven weeks are added to customers' annual passes, which is the difference between the normal earlier summer closure and the extended summer closure. The customer must visit the cash desk of the swimming hall sports hall to add additional time to the annual pass.

I'm a full-time gym tickets can be purchased during the closure online store.

A longer lock brings savings

In recent years, the sports hall and swimming hall have been closed for about six weeks in the summer. During the closure, the staff has been on summer vacation and maintenance work has been done on the property.  

In the coming summer, the closure will be longer for cost-saving reasons. 

—The three-month closing period has been calculated to bring savings of around 70–000 euros. The savings come from salary costs and property maintenance costs. The sum takes into account the loss of box office revenue and hall fees, Jääskeläinen states.  

Summer closure and layoffs were outlined in the city council on October 3.10.2023, XNUMX in connection with the budget. Change negotiations with the staff took place in the fall. The personnel will receive information about the duration and time of the layoff by the end of April. 

For more information: 

Sports and wellness manager Henna Jääskeläinen, henna.jaaskelainenatimatra.fi (henna[dot]jaaskelainen[at]imatra[dot]fi), tel. 020 617 1097 

Service Director Arja Kujala, arja.kujalaatimatra.fi, tel. 020 617 2227 

Edited 7.3/XNUMX: Added information that time is added to annual passes.
Edited 14.3.: Added information that the customer must visit the cash desk of the swimming hall sports hall to add additional time to the annual pass.
Edited 25.3.: Added information that tickets for the Vuoksenniska gym can be bought from the online store during the closure.


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