Volleyball players.
Photo of the 2022 event. Photo: Power Cup.

The Power Cup will be held this week in Imatra

2.6.2023 10:58
Public transport is free of charge from 8 to 11.6 June. Robin Packalen will perform at the opening on Thursday, and the event is free for everyone.

The Power Cup will take place on the 8th.–11.6. In Ukonniemi. The event is organized by Imatra's Pallo-Veikot and Ruokolahti's Raju. The city of Imatra is a partner of the event.

The participants are accommodated in Imatra's school centers and sports hall. The event center is Powertori, which is located in front of the ice rink.

Public transport is free

Public transport in the city of Imatra is free of charge during the event.

Public transport: ROUTES AND TIMETABLES 

There are unusual traffic arrangements in the Ukonniemi area. The car parking area is behind the playing fields in the nursery area.

Power Cup traffic arrangements.


Parking, playing fields and event area

Power Market and opening ceremony

During the event, guests and locals are served by Powertori, which is located in front of the ice rink.

The opening will be held at Powertor on Thursday 8.6 June. from 19 p.m. Performs at the opening By Robin Packalen. The event is free and open to everyone.

Program & schedules

By Robin Packalen.
By Robin Packalen. Photo: Atte Mäläskä.

Some of the sports places are reserved for Power Cup use

Sports facilities are closed as follows:

  • Sports hall and gym closed 7.6.-11.6.
  • Ukonniemi-Areena closed from 2.6 June to 12.6 June. 
  • The ice rink is closed from June 2.6 to June 12.6.
  • Ukonniemi's artificial turf is closed June 3.6–June 12.6. 
  • The Ukonniemi stadium is closed from June 7.6th to June 12th. 

What else is going on in town?

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