Cyclists at the event.
Grants can be applied for if the event or activity supports, for example, the well-being of the people of Imatra.

Clubs and communities: grants from the city government can be applied for in August

11.8.2023 11:25
Next year's operating grant can be applied for activities that support the strategy of the city of Imatra. The last application date is Friday 15.9.2023.

The application can be made by third sector operators, for example associations, clubs and foundations. The grant is awarded to activities and events that support the city's new strategy.

The new strategy of the city of Imatra rests on three pillars: a responsible cultural and tourism city, a feel-good Karelian city and a city of working together. 

When receiving a grant, it is emphasized that the supported activity is in accordance with the city's strategy. For example, the event must produce added value to, say, the vitality of the city center or increase the well-being of the townspeople, Group Finance Manager Marko Pollari says.

The application period ended on Friday 15.9.2023 September 15 at XNUMX pm.

The city government outlines the aid budget in connection with the preparation of the autumn budget. Among the applications received by the deadline, the objects to be assisted are selected, and those selected are notified in December.

Grants intended for cultural, sports, youth and welfare activities, as well as environmental renovation, will be applied for later. Imatra Base Camp grants for event organizers are also applied for separately.



For more information:

Group Finance Manager Marko Pollari, tel. 020 617 2268, marko. pollariatimatra.fi (marko[dot]pollari[at]imatra[dot]fi)