The librarian is standing behind the lending desk of the Imatra main library, photo from the side.

The library reminds you of unpaid library fees and updating your contact information

9.1.2024 15:19
The city library of Imatra urges its customers to check their balance of possible library fees and their contact information during January.

If the customer has late payments or other payments due in 2023, they should be paid during the current month. Otherwise, the customer will be prohibited from borrowing and renewing from February 1.2.2024, 10. The ban also comes if payments are over XNUMX euros. The ban is lifted when the payments have been processed.

Payments and contact information can be found by logging into the online library heili.finna.fi, and you can ask the library staff about them. The payments are also shown on the loan receipt. Payments from loans that are currently overdue will only appear in the payment balance after the loans have been returned or renewed.

- Payments can be made in cash or by card to the library staff, and payments over 0,65 euros can also be made in the online library, says the library specialist of the city of Imatra Ari Sareslahti

If the customer has already received a borrowing ban, there may be a slight delay in its removal in payments made through the online library. 

Contact information up to date

The library sends text messages, e-mails and paper letters to customers regarding, for example, reservations to be picked up and overdue loans.

-    Contact information must be up-to-date so that we can send booking and quote information to customers. We do not receive customers' changing address or other information from other than the customers themselves, says Sareslahti.

Information about library fees and loan periods can be found at

Library loan periods and fees .

For more information:

library specialist Ari Sareslahti, city of Imatra, ari.sareslahtiatimatra.fi (ari[dot]sareslahti[at]imatra[dot]fi), tel. 020 617 6603

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