Librarian Tiina Rossi stands in the children's book section with a teddy bear in her arms.
Library children's Saturdays in autumn 2022

Children's Saturdays in the library are coming again

19.9.2022 13:27
There will be the Bremen Town Musicians on 24.9., Nallepäivä on 29.10. and Lysti Saturday 19.11.

The main library has staff on children's Saturdays from 10 a.m. to 15 p.m., and the cultural center Virra museums and the Aisle gallery are also open at the same time.

24.9. Teatteri Karelus performs the puppet fairy tale The Players of Bremen in two shows during the day

The story is based on a folk tale recorded by the Grimm brothers, where mistreated animals decide to start living without their owners. There are two shows during the day, the first at 10:15 and the second at 11.

- Teatteri Karelus has performed in Imatra before and since it is such a good puppet theater, we wanted them for us again, librarian Tiina Rossi describes.

Children's Saturday 24.9 September: Theater Karelus and the Bremen Town Musicians

29.10. we celebrate Teddy Bear Day in the library

International Teddy Bear Day is already on Thursday 27.10 October, but we won't let it get in the way. There will be teddy stories and crafts, as well as other teddy-like activities.

- Of course, you can also take your teddy bear or some other soft toy with you to Teddy Day, Tiina promises.

Children's Saturday 29.10 October: Teddy bear day

19.11. is the joint Fun Saturday of the entire Kultturitalo Virra

The house is full of programs for children and families. In the main library, Pikkuli, known from television's Pikku Kakkones, will appear. The cheerful and engaging Little Song Playshow starts at 13 p.m.

On other Saturdays, the library is only open for self-service from 8 a.m. to 20 p.m. More detailed information about the contents and schedules of the events will be updated to the event calendar and Kulttuuritalo Virtra's website.

Children's Saturday 19.11.: Pikkuli

For more information:

from librarian Tiina Rossi, tel. 020 617 6615, tiina.rossiatimatra.fi.