Skiers on the piste.
Ensilumenlatu is one of Ukonniemi's attractive factors. Photo stock photo.

The first ski trails have been ridden in Ukonniemi

15.12.2023 14:18
There is still not enough snow for the slopes of traditional skiing. The first snow slope becomes free on Sunday evening, 17.12.

Skating ski soles have been driven to the nursery area opposite the ice rink and to the route between the sports field and the spa today, Friday.

The nursery route is a flat ground route. The route is about 1,8 kilometers long.

There is still not enough snow for the slopes of traditional skiing.

—The slope machine still catches the stones under the snow and we cannot guarantee a safe traditional slope, sports center master Jani Niittynen says.

The tunnel sections are completely snow-free.

—If you want to ski in the direction of the spa, you should start next to the sports field, Niittynen advises.

Ski soles will be packed in the Vuoksenniska area next week.

First snow ski track becomes free on Sunday evening 17.12. after the competition has ended. The track is open to the public from around 17 p.m.

The Baltic Biathlon Cup will be held on the track this coming weekend, and the track is reserved for competition use on Saturday and Sunday from 6 a.m. to 16 p.m.

For more information:

Gymnasium master Jani Niittynen, Jani. Niittynenatimatrankipa.fi (jani[dot]niittynen[at]imatrankipa[dot]fi)
Sports and wellness manager Henna Jääskeläinen, city of Imatra, henna.jaaskelainenatimatra.fi (henna[dot]jaaskelainen[at]imatra[dot]fi), tel. 020 617 1097

Updated on 15.12. at 15.24:17 p.m.: Ensilumenlatu becomes free on Sunday evening from around 18.12 p.m. It was previously reported that the track will be free of charge from Monday XNUMX. from

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