The chairman of Imits, Heidi Holsti, walks along Koskenpartaa, the pedestrian street of Imatra.
The chairman of Imitsi ry, Heidi Holsti, comments on the Imatrankoski development plan in the appendix. Photo: Advertising agency Dominus.

The first resident supplement of the year will be published on Sunday 25.2.2024

23.2.2024 11:50
The supplement, which appears four times a year, is distributed to homes stapled between Uutisvuoksi magazine.

In the four-page appendix, the Energine Imatra 2030 vitality program is opened in more detail and tells how the development of the Finnish Museum of Nature and Wilderness and Imatrankoski is progressing.

- The vitality-themed appendix also contains information about the progress of the general formula and the city's new service for meeting the unemployed and employers, says the communications expert Anitta Arpiainen.

All the articles in the appendix are also published on the city's website as separate news and the entire appendix as a visual version.

The next and twice as big resident supplement will be published on the eve of summer on Sunday 26.5.2024 May. 

For more information:

communication specialist Anitta Arpiainen, city of Imatra, anitta. scarredatimatra.fi (anitta[dot]arpiainen[at]imatra[dot]fi), tel. 020 617 2325


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