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Blog: You can book those books!

1.11.2023 14:04
Library books have also been made available for reservation.

Last week there was a discussion in the media about the explosively increased reservation numbers of libraries, Heili libraries were also mentioned. With the restrictions caused by Corona, customers learned to make reservations in the online service, and after noticing its ease and usefulness, they continued to do so when the libraries reopened. The number of reservations has also been increased by the fact that they are free of charge. In practice, this means that many customers only go to the library to pick up their reservations that have arrived, and do not necessarily do business there otherwise. 

Even though the story by YLE presented the matter in a negative way, it is not. Libraries have always changed with the world – in fact, always been at the forefront of change – so of course we also change when customers' consumption behavior changes. The purchase of many goods has moved from brick-and-mortar stores to online shopping, so it is natural that the use of online services in libraries also increases. In addition to the reservation option, Heili libraries offer e-books, e-audio books, music and movies in their online service. Customers have the opportunity to handle all their library matters on their own if they so wish, and we at the library have to change our own working methods to meet the customers' wishes. 

Booking is convenient, but sometimes you may have to wait a long time for a reserved book. Novelties or other current books may have a queue of hundreds of reservations. The customer doesn't always get the book he reserved in the library right away tomorrow, because sometimes it takes time for a book reserved from a neighboring municipality to arrive at the pick-up point, for example. In some libraries, transportation between locations only takes place once a week, and sometimes a single book may get lost in the wrong library or even get lost on the way. There are many work steps involved in processing the reservation, and if even one of them goes wrong, the work will be delayed.

In spite of all the independence, all libraries in the Imatra and Heili area still have service hours when the staff is present. So there is no need to fear that libraries will become completely independent or only offer online services. A fully independent library is an impossibility because, like many other fields, customer service is only one part of our work. 

Of course, we librarians also encourage you customers to use the traditional library, that is, to come to the back of the library in the old fashion, happily and with a good mood. Wandering between the shelves, you might find something to read, listen to or watch that you can't find on online services. 

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