Graduate students on the platform of the car.
High school students on the stage of a bench car. Stock photo.

Abit celebrates the benchers - see the atmosphere in the photo gallery

9.2.2023 15:16
The matriculants of Imatra co-ed high school celebrated the beginning of the school holiday with a traditional bench party.

Imatra joint high school's bench day was celebrated on Thursday, February 9.2. in the traditional way. The morning started with a joint breakfast of teachers and abies and continued with the abie gala. During the day, others could also join in the joy, when the helpers made the traditional rounds on the trucks.

Penkkaripäivä is a great effort, say the high school graduates who were involved in the arrangements Jenna Hautala ja Hanna Miikki.

—The first plans were made in the spring, and practical matters were organized in the fall. The last details were filed last night, says Miikki.

Check out the atmosphere from the abi gala and the bench ride in the gallery!