Napinkulma demolition art creators and city representatives.
Napinkulma demolition art creators and city representatives.

The art of dismantling the button corner is now to be admired

9.6.2023 13:34
See behind this link the authors and the names of the works. There will still be light art in Button Corner when the evenings get dark again.

Artworks and authors:

(From the corner of Helsingintie 3 in the direction of Rosso)

1. Sliding door: View of Mutterinranta, Henry Frondelius 

2. Small frogs, Tatyana Zaitsenkova 

3. The power of Imatra, Harri Lunkka 


Harri Lunkka : The Power of Imatran


4. Breastfeeding runs, Harri Lunkka 

5. The frontiersman and the dog, Harri Lunkka 

6. Batch Jorma, Harri Lunkka 

7. For like the power of love, Harri Lunkka 

8. Mystery box, Harri Lunkka 

9. Rapid and ... Work skills association 

Harri Lunkka: For like the power of love


10. Ballet dancers, Kirsi Holsti 

In the front row from left to right and from top to bottom 

  • thank you 
  • I am 
  • Burning 
  • Moment 
  • Tanzania  
  • Rapture  
  • I surrender 

Back row from left to right:  

  • Life  
  • Salaisus 
  • Confidence  

An invitation to dance at the door 

Kirsi Holsti: Ballet dancer


11. Kafka, Pauli Parkkinen 

(Two smaller works from top to bottom)

  • Eye, Pauli Parkkinen 
  • City, Pauli Parkkinen 
Pauli Parkkinen: Kafka


12. Sliding door: Street view, Henry Frondelius 

13. Curly, Pauli Parkkinen 

  • Door; Wall roses, Pauli Parkkinen 

14. The kiss, Pauli Parkkinen 

  • Door; Hali, Pauli Parkkinen 

15. The third night, Pauli Parkkinen 

16. Two women, Pauli Parkkinen 

17. Biscuits, Tiina Kärkäs-Sund 

  • The exterior paintings are called Overture 
  • In the wind cabinet, Welcome 
  • Garden party on the floor 
  • The murals Garden of Dreams and Cotton Candy 
  • Kuosi's fireworks hang from the ceiling 
Tiina Kärkäs-Sund: Cookies

18. Sliding door in Virtra, Henry Frondelius 

The works of Henri Frondelius and Pauli Parkkinen

19. Above the sliding door; Bikini, Pauli Parkkinen 


20. Murals: Harri Lunkka, the creator of the concrete gutter that goes around the house 

  • The mural spreading from the corner of Helsingintie and Koskenparras 1 of the building  
  • The effervescence of a waterfall - Your water heater is right up your alley in Imatran Impe, Poppamaija / Inna Pulkkinen 
  • Poppamaija: Mural

For more information:  

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