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Awarded on Imatra Day: Pertti Lintunen, Heli Rautanen, Hanna Ollikainen, Taisto Kainulainen, Raija Niemelä, Heidi Wahlberg, Paula Toivanen and Joona Hanhisuanto

Taisto Kainulainen Imatra medal

21.8.2021 15:58
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This year, the city of Imatra awarded the Imatra medal to a long-standing tourism entrepreneur Battle of Kainulainen.

─ This came as quite a surprise. Over the course of 30 years, everything has been done to make both your own company and Imatra known. Stories about Imatra have always been passed on. If there was no Imatra, there would be no company and vice versa, Kainulainen stated.

The award for a positive Imatra image promoter was received this year Jäppilänniemi art road.

The participant and impact individual prize was awarded to the founder of the Kauppa-apu service For Heidi Walhberg. The participate and influence community prize was awarded Lucky paws – for the association, which is an actor that emphasizes community and creates good around it.

The Youth Chamber of Commerce will reveal the new Inker in its party broadcast starting at 16 p.m. today. The broadcast can be seen on Nuorkauppakamari's social media channels (@jciimatra; facebook.fi/jciimatra).

For more information:

Director of Communications Liisa Hupli-Oinonen, tel. 020 617 2400, liisa.hupli-oinonenatimatra.fi (liisa[dot]hupli-oinonen[at]imatra[dot]fi)

2021 awarded on Imatra Day

Imatra medalist

Taisto Kainulainen founded Vuoksi lauttur in 1992. In 1997, the business expanded to Vuoksi fishing park. Varpasaari has become a genuine recreation oasis for tourists and locals, whose range of services has been constantly evolving. The company has grown and is now being run by the third generation.

Taisto Kainulainen has significantly influenced the development of the tourism industry in Imatra and the entire region for 30 years. In addition to his business activities, he has acted as the chairman of the Imatra home region association and the Finnish Tourist Association, for example.

Award for promoting a positive Imatra image

The prize has been awarded this year For the active members of the Jäppilänniemi Art Street. The art trail, which has already been carried out 18 times, is very unique in its kind. It was produced by villagers, summer residents, artists and art students. This summer too, there were about 40 works on the art gallery. Taidetie has also gained visibility in the national media.

Taidetie perfectly represents Imatra's sense of community, talko spirit and strong local art tradition. Received the award Raija Niemelä.

Get involved and make an impact awards

Individual award

Heidi Walhberg founded a Facebook group in Imatra in March 2020 for those in need of trade help. Both those who need trade help and those who offer it signed up for the group providing trade assistance.

Kappa-apu was a free service run by volunteers. According to the proposer, its help has been invaluable to many needy people when they have not been able to get to the store themselves.

The "Participate and influence" working group emphasizes that trade aid was created at the grassroots level without the background support of any major player. It tackled the challenge of the corona era in a great way.

Community Award

Onnenkäpälät ry create buzz for Rajapatsa. It takes care of the traditional environment with the help of sheep, chickens and rabbits and organizes free-form club activities for young people. Those who nominated the association for an award praised how the forgotten three-hectare plot in the corner has been tidied up and given life.

In the Onnenkäpälä club run by Paula Toivanen, children have their own named sheep. The club teaches meeting animals and working together.

Paula Toivanen and Joona Hanhisuanto have developed the activity by listening to the wishes of residents of border statues and have also received help to clear the plot from people who live nearby.

Onnenkäpälät has made visits to nursing homes with sheep, to libraries with ferrets, and held an optional pet course for Mansikkala schoolchildren.

Special note

Saimaa Geopark deserves special attention. In addition to Imatra, the Geopark includes Lappeenranta, Mikkeli, Ruokolahti, Puumala, Juva, Sulkava, Taipalsaari and Savitaipale.  Saimaa Geopark received Unesco Global Geopark status in April 2021. Getting the status was a long and arduous road. It required an idea in the beginning and then a lot of work and self-belief. The status raised the Saimaa area to a significant international nature and tourism area. The goal of Saimaa Geopark is to support the region's tourism, business activities, internationality, teaching and research. The Geopark is an important matter for the region's vitality.

The city of Imatra thanks the active members of Saimaa Geopark about the initiation of the idea and the work done for Unesco Global Geopark status. They were receiving the award Pertti Lintunen, Hanna Ollikainen, Heli Rautanen and Minna Kähtävä-Marttinen.