For suppliers

Invoicing instructions for suppliers

Please use electronic invoicing, if possible.

Invoices must contain mandatory reference information provided by the purchaser in the following format:
ost.xxxx proj.xxxxx lit.xxxxx al.xx
Contract number: MFxxx

E-invoice reception

E-invoices operated by an operator:

E-invoicing address     003701592167
OVT code              003701592167
Operator               BAWCFI22
Operator ID       003714377140

E-invoices operated by the bank:

E-invoicing address    003701592167
OVT code              003701592167
Operator               Etelä-Karjalan Osuuspankki
Operator ID       OKOYFIHH

If you are unable to send electronic invoices, paper invoices are scanned by the  Basware Oyj scanning service and the invoicing address is:

Basware Oyj

Imatran kaupunki
PL 997

Please note that only purchase invoices may be sent to the scanning service, and the address may not be used for any other mail or deliveries.

Providing a certificate of arranging entrepreneur's pension insurance (YEL) to the city

In connection with registering as a supplier to the City of Imatra, you must note that independent entrepreneurs (business name, self-employed person) must provide a YEL certificate at the time of registering and annually thereafter to the City of Imatra.

According to the municipal pension insurance instructions, all work must accumulate pension security. If the city purchases services from an independent entrepreneur (business name, self-employed person), the city must determine whether the entrepreneur has taken out pension insurance and request a certificate of the insurance (YEL certificate).

If the entrepreneur has been continuously active for 4 months, they must take out entrepreneur's pension insurance within 6 months. If the entrepreneur's business is minor (below a maximum earnings limit determined annually by the pension institution), the person is not required to take out YEL pension insurance for themselves and the work is covered by the municipal pension system (KuEL).

If an independent entrepreneur does not have pension insurance, the city must pay KuEL contributions for the work or services invoiced. The invoice sent to the city by the entrepreneur is paid to the entrepreneur in accordance with principles governing paying wages.

Retired entrepreneurs must provide a certificate of being retired.

Pensioners are covered by KuEL until the end of the month in which they turn 68, meaning that the city must pay employee and employer fees to KEVA if no YEL certificate is provided.

The YEL certificate, notification of missing pension security or a certificate of being a pensioner is sent with the first invoice and thereafter annually.

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