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Elderly people on the pedestrian street in Koskenparta.

Nominate a recipient of the senior citizen's act of the year award

1.8.2023 14:39
The city of Imatra will award the first annual senior citizen award in October 2023. 

Who or what organization has promoted the cause of the elderly in Imatra? Suggest something to be rewarded for the city of Imatra on 10.9. by. 

With Imatra's Senior Action of the Year Award, we want to draw attention to the issues of the elderly and encourage actors who support them. More than 15 percent of the residents of Imatra are elderly, i.e. about four thousand. Elderly people are usually considered to be over 75 years old.

The elderly often need support in housing solutions, digital services, nurturing social relationships, hobbies, movement or maintaining health. 

The establishment of the award was proposed by the elderly council of the city of Imatra.

- The lives of the elderly are supported by a wide network of actors, loved ones, volunteers and professionals, whose valuable work may not be noticed. We want this work and the needs of the elderly at Imatra to be better highlighted through the award, says the chairman of the Imatra Elderly Council Sanna Prior.

Imatra's 2023 senior citizens award will be presented at the Senior Citizens' Week celebration on October 6.10. Culture house in Virra's Karelia hall. The value of the prize is 500 euros. 
The Council for the Elderly uses a public call for suitable candidates to receive the award and makes a decision on who will be awarded based on them.

Nominate a recipient of the senior citizen's act of the year award.

The proposal can also be made on a paper form at the customer service of the city of Imatra. The proposer can be anyone.

For more information: 

Sanna Prior, chairman of the Imatra Council for the Elderly, tel. 040 593 7676. word.prioratimatra.fi (sanna[dot]prior[at]imatra[dot]fi)
Heikki Laine, secretary of the Imatra Council for the Elderly, tel. 020 617 2321, weak. waveatimatra.fi (heikki[dot]laine[at]imatra[dot]fi)

Senior citizen of the year award 2023

• To be distributed for the first time in 2023.
• Collection of proposals 10.9. until.
• Awarding at the seniors' week celebration on 6.10.2023 October XNUMX.

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