Jääiglu's ice instruments in 2021.
Jääiglu instruments in 2021.

Soundome's ice igloo will be built in Imatra next winter as well

7.10.2022 12:29
Construction will start in January, weather permitting.

Soundome will build an ice igloo next winter as well. As usual, the igloo rises in the Fishing Park in Varpasaari.

There are plans to build one igloo mainly for concert use.

—The igloo can accommodate a band of four and about thirty people in the audience, Soundome's ice master Juuso Partanen is planning.

The igloo is built with a weather reserve. Construction will start in January, and the concerts will be held in February. The opening of the igloo and the concerts will be announced in the winter after the schedules have been finalized.

The city of Imatra supports the construction of the igloo.

For more information:

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