To work in the schools of Imatra

We built three new school centers in Imatra, where we want to guarantee healthy and modern working and learning environments for both children and our staff. 

Pre-school groups under early childhood education also operate in all school centers. The idea is that the student's progress along the study path is as flexible as possible. 

Imatra is one of the top municipalities in the country when it comes to digitalization, and we are also involved in UNICEF's child-friendly municipality model. We develop and develop agilely.

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We have available

  • Healthy and versatile working and learning environments.
  • Good continuing education opportunities. 
  • A good support network and the opportunity to e.g. for consulting a specialist in education and training.
  • Reasonable basic education class sizes. 
  • The opportunity to participate in development work and influence its shape.
  • Opportunities for work rotation.
  • The ProKoulu model that improves work well-being.
  • All teachers have work phones.
  • Locally agreed salary supplement for special needs teachers and special class teachers. 
  • Good job guidance and coaching opportunities. 
  • Functional structure of special education: comprehensive instructor resources, flexible special groups/classes, special classes
  • Preventive occupational health care that supports coping at work and also covers specialist consultation if necessary.
  • A new employee's free employment travel card for Imatra's local transport (for a maximum of one year depending on the duration of the employment relationship, min. 3 months of employment).
  • Employee bicycle benefit.
  • Possibility of charging electric cars in school centers. 
  • More affordable housing.
  • If necessary, we assist in obtaining a rental apartment.

Join a good group!

The working atmosphere is considered to be good. Our employees have rated the atmosphere and trust in the educational services of the city of Imatra 4,2/5. (Job well-being survey 2021)

Mirva Mustonen

Mirva, resource teacher

"Koski School Center is a real gem as a working environment and community. The resources are good and the physical framework is modern. Staff and students have space to work and study. The school grounds are also diverse."
Lasse Tiilikka

Lasse, principal of Mansikkala school center

"Mansikkala School Center operates in Finland's largest wooden school along Vuoksi in the middle of the city of Imatra. There are approximately 1 students in the 9st to 750th grades of the elementary school. Imatra's joint high school, day care and pre-school for early childhood education and youth services are located in the same building.
The focus areas of our school are music and sports. Music grades 3–9 in the city of Imatra work in our school, and physical education classes will start their trial activities in the 7th grades in the fall of 2023."
Johanna Ovaska

Johanna, principal of Koske school center

"The Koski school center has about 750 students and a truly international atmosphere. Our focus area is languages ​​and internationality. At our school, almost ten different languages ​​are spoken as mother tongue, and there are even more different nationalities. Come with!"
Ville Laivamaa

Ville, principal of the Vuoksenniska school center

"Vuoksenniska School Center's emphasis is on environmental education, sustainable development and natural sciences. Our values ​​are safety, inclusiveness and community, and respect for uniqueness, and we want our values ​​to be visible in every encounter.
We provide versatile support in learning and behavior through fixed special education groups and flexible groups, and special attention is paid to general support."
Joakim Mansner

Joakim, special education teacher

"The city offers teachers a really wide range of training, as well as a great framework for leisure activities. Vuoksenniska's school has the power of cooperation with good colleagues."
Imatra harbor and Ukonniemi beach

Small town, big city possibilities

Imatra has comfortable living environments and good services. Saimaa, Vuoksi and Imatrankoski create a unique landscape to experience. The diverse cultural offer and active sports community offer things to do and experiences.

The National Miracle of Finland is home to an easier everyday life and a joyful celebration. Come on!

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