Mansikkala school center photographed from the courtyard.
Mansikkala school center.

Imatra school centers in Power Cup for the first time in accommodation use

27.5.2023 11:03
The city also participates in the event by building new courts: 117 temporary volleyball courts will be erected in Ukonniemi.

 The Power Cup volleyball tournament brings thousands of participants to Imatra in June. The traditions of the tournament include accommodation in schools. So also this year.

For Imatra's school centers, the Power Cup is a showcase: the schools are now being used for accommodation on this scale for the first time.

There are people staying in all three school centers, a total of about 2500 people. In addition, some of the participants stay overnight at the sports hall and at Ruokolahti, Joutseno and Pontus/Kesämäki schools in Lappeenranta.

Schools do not turn into accommodation facilities overnight

Taking over school centers for accommodation requires permits from the authorities.

—Permits have been applied for and they are valid for the time being, says property manager Jyri Honkasalo Mitra of the Imatra developer.

School centers can therefore continue to be offered as an accommodation option for large events.

The preparation of the schools for the boarders starts immediately after the schoolwork is over. The first guests will arrive in Imatra on Wednesday, June 7.6.

Tournament participants eat breakfast and evening snacks at schools. Other tournament meals are organized at the ice rink.

Field maintenance keeps Kipa busy

Fenced stone ash field.
More than a hundred volleyball courts will be built here.

The tournament games are played in Ukonniemi. All suitable areas are available: Ukonniemi artificial turf, baseball stadium, Ukonniemi arena.

In addition, 117 temporary playing fields will be erected opposite the ice rink. The groundwork has been done, and the drawing of the fields will start next week.

—We have three guys from Kipa helping with the work related to the Power Cup. We draw fields and otherwise help where we can. There are a total of 230 playgrounds, so there's plenty of work, sports venue master Jani Niittynen from Kipaintesti- ja Aluepalvelu Kipa says.

During the Power Cup, almost all other activities from Ukonniemi give way to other playing fields, for example Linnala.

—It also keeps our men busy, when other fields have to be taken care of in a different way, Niittynen says.

Power Cup

This article is related to the residents' appendix 2/2023 of the city of Imatra, which was published on Sunday, February 28.5. Between the news year. Read the attachment in its entirety from this link

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