The city of Imatra offers free parking. Some places, for example, in districts of Imatrankoski, Vuoksenniska and next to the train station require use of parking disc. Parking disc can be purchased in most of supermarkets, kiosks or gas stations. When using a parking disc you need to set time when the vehicle was parked. Parking disc needs to be put on display behind the front windshield

Parking control

Parking inspector and police are supervising compliance of parking regulations.

Parking ticket fee in Imatra is 50 euros. Parking ticket must be payed within 30 days. If not paid within the period indicated, the amount due will increase by 14 euros. 

If one considers the parking ticket unjustified, it is possible to submit a written request for rectification. Request for rectification can be done online, sent by mail to Pysäköinninvalvonta, Virastokatu 2, 55100 Imatra in printed form or can be filled in Imatra City Hall's customer service. Even if request for rectification is done, the fine still has to be paid in time. In case of request's approval, paid fee will be returned.


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