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Is the youth of Imatra ruined? discussion event was organized in the main library in autumn 2023.

Opening the perspectives of young people What's wrong with adults? event on 16.4.2024 April XNUMX

27.3.2024 10:48
The event is a continuation Is the youth of Imatra ruined? - for the discussion event.

The young people of the city of Imatra were the subject of a panel discussion organized in the main library last fall. There were young people, municipal decision-makers and people working with young people there to discuss current topics related to young people. The fruitful discussion can be continued when Organized by the Imatra city library and youth services What's wrong with adults? - event on Tuesday 16.4.2024 April 17.00 from 18.30:XNUMX to XNUMX:XNUMX in the main library.

- After the first event, which was very successful and sparked a lot of discussion, we decided to organize another discussion event from a slightly different perspective, says the library expert Ari Sareslahti from the city of Imatra.

'What's wrong with adults? At the - young people's point of view' event, the young people will give an introduction based on the topic, after which the discussion will continue with the help of the invited panel. The discussion will discuss, among other things, which factors cause friction between young people and adults, what causes different opinions and perspectives, and what kind of behavior young people would like from adults.

Open discussion and new perspectives

In addition to young people, people working with young people and other professionals in the field will participate in the discussion. The public is welcome to participate in the discussion or just listen to the current discussion.

- We hope people of all ages who are interested in Imatra's youth affairs will attend, says the head of youth services Johanna Mäkinen from the city of Imatra.

- At regular intervals, we talk about how to listen to young people and involve them in everything. On this occasion, these things come true. The voice of young people comes out very well at the event.

The discussion at the event is conducted using the Erätauko method. Every conversationalist gets to speak and everyone is heard equally. The main focus is on the interlocutor's own experiences, not on position or expertise. The discussion will be led by Johanna Mäkinen from the youth services of the city of Imatra and Sandra Stromberg About the association. A summary of the discussion will be published on the city's website.

Additional information:

library specialist Ari Sareslahti, city of Imatra, ari.sareslahtiatimatra.fi (ari[dot]sareslahti[at]imatra[dot]fi), tel. 020 617 6603

Johanna Mäkinen, responsible for youth services, city of Imatra, johanna.makinenatimatra.fi (johanna[dot]makinen[at]imatra[dot]fi), tel. 020 617 7201

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