Mansikkala's main door
Mansikkala's main door

Getting to school centers

12.9.2022 18:15
Instructions for finding classes in school centers

Strawberry fish:

Parking: in the yard of the vocational college

Access to the house from the main door (from the Koulukatu side). Language etc. normal classrooms can be found by going through the door straight to the back. Go through the glass doors next to the coat racks and the classrooms are along the corridor on the left.

Other teaching facilities can be found by going to the right in front of the large stairs.



There are parking spaces in front of the school on Kanavakatu and behind at the end of Sulkukuja. The gyms can be accessed from the Sulkukuja side through door F. Hand skills classes can be accessed from the front door from the Kanavakatu side.


Both schools are shoeless, so indoor shoes/socks are comfortable