A deposit of blue-green algae on the beach.
Blue-green algae. The picture is a stock photo.

The risk of cyanosis increases in hot weather - every beachgoer should monitor the water quality

1.7.2022 16:41
At the beaches, you should pay attention to the water quality. Swimming is not recommended if there is blue-green algae in the water.

Warm weather increases the likelihood of blue-green algae. The blue-green algae situation on the beaches is monitored daily, and Imatra's real estate and regional service inspects the Swimming Beaches in the mornings.

However, the blue-green algae situation may change quickly during the day, and therefore every beach visitor should visually check the swimming water before going for a swim.

The notice boards at the swimming beaches of Ukonniemi, Lempukka, Immalanliette and Rauti have instructions for identifying blue-green algae. Instructions are also available about this news.

If blue-green algae is found on the beaches, it will be announced on the beach notice boards and, if necessary, on the city's website at imatra.fi/uimarannat.

If a citizen sees blue-green algae on the beach, they are expected to notify the address health controlatimatra.fi (health control[at]imatra[dot]fi). In addition, the notification can also be made to the Finnish Environment Agency observations were sent.

This is how you identify blue-green algae

A small amount of blue-green algae can be seen in the water as green or yellowish stick-like particles, and narrow strips of algae can drift onto the beach. A large amount of blue-green algae forms green or yellowish algae rafts on the surface of the water and accumulates on the shore as a dark mass. Algae can be identified using the tumbler test or stick test. In the drinking glass test, water is put in the glass for about an hour. If there is blue-green algae in the water, it usually rises to the surface of the water.

In the stick test, you try to lift the algae mass into the air with a stick. If the mass breaks down into small, green particles, the algae is blue-green algae.

Tests for the identification of blue-green algae are also sold in shops and pharmacies.


For more information:

health controlatimatra.fi (health control[at]imatra[dot]fi)

health controlatimatra.fi (Swimming beaches)