bus stop, road in the foreground, trees in the background.
The parking canopy has just been replaced on Ensontie in Rajapatsa.

The people of Imatra chose the bus shelters of Vallinkoskentie and Niskapietiläntie to be renewed

17.6.2022 15:38
The parking shelters to be renewed were chosen by online voting.

In total, the townspeople cast 141 votes, of which the Vallinkoskentie 55 stop received the most votes, 29. The second canopy was renewed at the Niskapietiläntie 88 stop, which received 32 votes.

- Good choices. I would probably have chosen these myself, states the traffic planner Kaisa Pohjola.

Niskapietiläntie currently does not have a parking cover. The stop itself may be moved to the other side of Puntala road.

- The move is still being investigated, but now it seems that the stop would fit better on the other side of the road, Pohjola says.

More information

Traffic planner Kaisa Pohjola, kaisa. pohjolaatimatra.fi, tel. 020 617 4424.