Two adults and a child holding hands on an old railway bridge, side by side, happy.

Survey for families with children from Imatra

25.5.2022 18:41
This survey aimed at families is part of the mapping of the current situation of children and young people currently underway in Imatra, according to UNICEF's Child-Friendly Municipality model. The model is based on the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child.

- We hope as many parents and guardians from Imatra as possible respond to the survey, so that their opinions on the current situation of children and young people in the city can also be mapped. There are no wrong answers and the survey is answered anonymously, says the coordinator Kirsi Mäyrä.

Surveys aimed at children are also ongoing in early childhood education and elementary school, and they are carried out during care and school days even before the end of school.

Once the situation has been mapped, goals will be defined for the city next autumn, which aim especially at the realization of the rights of children and young people in a weaker position. Next fall, we will announce more about the results of the survey on the city's channels.

The city of Imatra is involved in UNICEF's Child-Friendly Municipality model

The model helps municipalities make the right solutions for children's well-being in everyday services for children and in municipal administration.

If Imatra achieves the set goals, it will be granted the status of a child-friendly municipality. In general, recognition can be granted no earlier than about two years after the municipality has been accepted into the model. UNICEF supports the achievement of the goals and monitors the realization of the goals

Parents and guardians of families with children are asked to answer the survey from the link below: 

Survey for families with children

Thank you in advance for participating!

For more information:

Child-friendly municipality coordinator Kirsi Mäyrä, cherry.mayraatimatra.fi, tel. 020 617 2248 (reachable from Mon 30.5 May)

What are the goals of the Child-friendly municipality model?

  • every child feels valued
  • every child can live in safety
  • every child can enjoy
  • every child has friends and a safe adult
  • every child has their voice heard
  • every child is taken into account in decision-making

Read more about the Child-friendly municipality model on the city's website:

Imatra included in UNICEF's Child-friendly municipality model