Timo Kallio
Timo Kallio, individual award recipient

Participate and influence awards for Timo Kallio and the Youth Chamber of Commerce

21.5.2022 16:46
The remarks were given today in connection with the summer inspection of Imatrankoski.

The city of Imatra annually distributes Participate and influence awards for activities that promote residents' inclusion and well-being. The selection is made based on suggestions from the townspeople.

Saturday 21.5. shared award was awarded To Timo Kallio about making winter outdoor routes voluntarily. Last winter, Kallio created a trail network of tens of kilometers around Ukonniemi for mountain bikers and walkers.

The person who nominated Kallio as the recipient of the award describes Timo like this:

- I like Timo's way of thinking to create a hobby for himself, while also offering it to others. His attitude towards all hobbies is such that if someone does something, it's not out of the question. These active and positive types are needed here.

Kallio's individual prize is 250 euros worth of city services, such as tickets to concerts, swimming pools or local transport.




The Imatra Youth Chamber of Commerce award was presented by Titta Myllärinen (orange shirt).


Thank you for the Christmas tree collection

This year, the community award went to the Imatra Youth Chamber of Commerce. The Youth Chamber of Commerce is especially known for its annual Imatra Inker selection.

The Participate and Influence working group, which presented the selection of the Youth Chamber of Commerce to the city government, appreciated its activities, especially the Christmas tree collection, where Christmas presents are collected for needy children and young people.

- The "Participate and influence" working group wants to tackle inequality this council term. That's why we want to make visible the merits of the Youth Chamber of Commerce in reducing inequality, says the chairman of the Participate and influence working group Titta Myllärinen.

The community prize is 500 euros.

Other persons proposed by the townspeople as recipients of the award were a biology teacher The fairy tale Laine, Kalastuspuisto entrepreneur Toni Kainulainen and multi-entrepreneur Jussi Honka. Suggestions from the communities were received by the Rajapatsa village association, Imatran Puukafvila, which works in mental health, the Music and reading project, the Sienimäki residents' association and last year's award-winning Onnenkäpälät association.


For more information:

Chairperson of the "Participate and influence" working group, Titta Myllärinen, phone: 040 761 1736, titta,myllarinen @imatra.fi