A child with a backpack on his back walks along long trees in the forest, Wilderness and Nature Culture Museum.
The Wilderness Heritage Museum of Finland

Welcome to ideas for services, products and activities linked to the future wilderness and nature culture museum!

4.5.2022 12:49
The Eräpöhinää project brings together actors from different fields in workshops to create the museum's service package.

The purpose is to form a common vision and goals for linked services, to come up with concrete activities and to strengthen the cooperation network to support the good future of the museum.

- The next workshop is on 17.5. at the Imatra town hall. There is still plenty of time to get involved in this process and more actors from different fields are warmly welcomed to create versatile services for the museum, says the project manager in charge of the Eräpöhinää project Mona Taipale.

According to the current plan, the national wilderness and nature culture museum will start its operations in the current Imatra town hall in the spring of 2026. The museum will benefit from the natural sites of the Vuoksi watershed and Imatrankoski. Thanks to the location, the traveler can also do other things in addition to visiting the museum. In addition to exhibitions and collections, the museum is a set of interconnected services.

Registration for workshops

On the website of the Eräpöhinää project, you can register for the workshop days of the museum's partner network. Come with!

Partner network workshops

For more information:

project manager Mona Taipale, mona.taipaleatimatra.fi (mona[dot]taipale[at]imatra[dot]fi), tel. 020 617 2257