City bikes will appear in Imatra's streetscape today, Friday

29.4.2022 12:31
You can rent the bike for your own use with an application that can be downloaded to your phone.

City bikes are once again available to city dwellers and other people moving around Imatra.

The first 14 bikes have been delivered to Imatra today, April 29.4. Next week, the number of bikes will be completed to twenty.

There are a total of ten bike stations in different parts of the city.

You can rent a city bike for your use with an application called Donkey Republic that can be downloaded to a smartphone. The application searches for the free bike closest to the renter. The rent is paid using the application.

The minimum rental time is 15 minutes.

—If you need city bikes often, you can also rent a bike with a monthly contract or season pass, traffic engineer of the city of Imatra Aino Vuopio advise.

You can test the bikes free of charge on Friday 6.5 May. and on Saturday 7.5. At that time, KaaKau, the bike supplier, offers an hour-long free ride as an introductory offer.


For more information:

Traffic engineer Aino Vuopio, (aino[dot]vuopio[at]imatra[dot]fi), TWO TWO WHEN TWO

Kakau's website

This is how you rent a city bike

  1. Download the Donkey Republic app to your mobile device.
  2. Locate the free wheel with the app.
  3. Rent a bike with the app. The bike lock is opened via the phone application.
  4. Enjoy cycling!
  5. Return the bike to the station you want and end the rental.

The application works on iOS9 (iPhone 5S) and Android 5+ platforms and later versions.