Students present their science project to the judges.
Eero Kallasmaa (right) and Kuura Pakarinen present their project to LUT University judges.

Victory and second place for Vuoksenniska school at the LUMA StarT festivals

29.4.2022 14:32
The project work of the Vuoksenniska residents has also been selected among the ten best project works in the national StarT competition. You can vote for the winner in May.

The team of 8th graders from Vuoksenniska school placed first at the StarT festivals organized by LUMA center Saimaa.

The project that won the first prize dealt with living spaces of the future. The winning team included Eero Kallasmaa, Sonja Nevalainen ja Scrub Pakarinen.

In their project, the students envision the future living environment in terms of different aspects of sustainable development.

—Based on the vision, they planned ways to adapt to climate change and survive the future sea level rise, lecturer Päivi Hirvonen tells. He has supervised the students' project work.

The people of Vuoksenniska also got second place at the festivals. They worked in a group familiar with waste  Aino-Elisa Siponen, Milla Savolainen, Anastasia Nedilenko ja Aasa Kautonen.

The winners and award recipients were chosen by a jury made up of experts from LUT University.

Vuoksenniska's project among the top ten in Finland

The work of the students of Vuoksenniska School has been selected among the ten best project works in the 2022 national StarT competition.

The work of the people of Vuoksenniska is called Garbage for garbage, not for nature!

The winner is chosen by public vote. You can vote during May on the StarT competition website, and on the site you can already familiarize yourself with the competition works.

The result and the winner will be announced in June at the StarT Gala.

This is also part of Universoma

StarT is an international and community operating model where learning is done together by implementing multidisciplinary and phenomenon-based projects and by sharing the joy of learning and teaching practices in various events. 

At StarT, we learn together by implementing multidisciplinary projects and by sharing the joy of learning and good teaching practices.

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For more information:

Lecturer Päivi Hirvonen, paivi. hironenatimatra.fi, 020 617 6716