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We have lived in the Corona era for two years.

The mask recommendation is no longer valid

26.4.2022 23:38
The city of Imatra thanks you for your tenacity, solidity and endurance.

South Karelia's regional snapshot group has revoked the mask recommendation on Tuesday, April 26.4. This policy came into effect immediately.

Nationally, THL has come to the same conclusion before. The city of Imatra also abandons the recommendation and, for example, it is no longer necessary to wear a mask in schools or other city services.

Those who belong to risk groups should still wear a mask indoors, according to the situation picture group. In all Eksote's social and health care units, the mask policy is still in place to protect patients and customers.

Everyone can, at their own discretion, continue to use a mask, for example, in such indoor spaces where it is difficult to avoid close contact. Read the provincial bulletin here.

The remote work and remote meeting recommendation is valid until mid-May

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The epidemic has declined in the province, even though there are currently several corona patients in hospital.

─ Let's hope that the downturn continues. Of course, it makes sense that we continue to take care of, for example, hand hygiene and not take unnecessary risks, who has long served as the city's corona contact person Arja Kujala says.

The city of Imatra warmly thanks its staff for the thoughtfulness and professional attitude that has been needed during the epidemic in implementing the recommendations and restrictions.

The same thanks also goes to the families, entrepreneurs and the people of Imatra in general, who have put up with unusual times and service restrictions.


For more information:

Director of Services Arja Kujala, tel. 020617 2227, arja.kujalaatimatra.fi (arja[dot]kujala[at]imatra[dot]fi)